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Erdogan OPENT lock gates: Millions of Syrians walk into Europe

According to a deal, Erdogan would receive 6.6 billion euros if he managed to keep the Syrian migrants stranded in Turkey within Turkish borders.

But Erdogan is now angry that a Syrian air raid took place that 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib had to pay for with their deaths.

Erdogan immediately claimed the remainder of the 6 billion in European aid money, but did not get any response from the EU.

He has just opened the locks through which millions of pocked up Syrian refugees are currently entering Europe.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he has reached his limits in terms of patience and reception capacity.

He ordered the Turkish border guards to let them through.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees can now walk across the border of the Netherlands.

Is the Netherlands doing its duty? Are the borders closing now?

Does the Netherlands do what it should do? Are the borders closing? Or do they stay open and hordes of Syrians enter our country?

Should the latter decide, it is a fact that more crimes will be committed in the Netherlands. There will also be more victims of violence among Dutch people and the risk of a terrorist attack is increasing. They are the global figures. There is nothing to argue with that.

Opening borders is knowingly putting the Dutch at risk.

He ordered the Turkish border guards to let them through.

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