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Erdogan visits Brussels: "Turkey urges immediate EU SUPPORT!"

Recep Tayyip Erdogan visiting Brussels Monday, March 9, 2020

Erdogan must have been smiling inside when he saw how the European Union organized a festive meal. The dictator looks great again. Beautiful photos with our EUleaders that we have not chosen. And his own supporters stood outside at the gates of the building in Brussels.

The man seems to be in control.

Before the meeting, Erdogan visited the Turkish embassy in Brussels, where he also spoke to his supporters. 

Erdogan gave his first public response while standing alongside the Social Democrat, and NATO Secretary General, the Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg sat.

"NATO is now in a critical period in which it must radiate clear solidarity with Turkey." were the words that Erdogan invaded.

The Turkish dictator also demanded more support from the European Union to receive the Syrian refugees.

Erdogan also told reporters, after the meeting with Stoltenberg:

"It is very important that the support we demand is given without any delay." (source)

"It is beyond reason for a neighbor and ally, referring to Greece, to point the finger at us as guilty of the migration wave.",

Stoltenberg and Erdogan

This says a dictator who has misled hundreds of thousands of migrants in recent weeks by saying that Greece has opened its borders.

Then Turkish authorities guided the migrants to the borders and gave tear gas to the migrants in order to tackle the Greek border guards (source)

This is also the man who last week urged the Greeks to open the borders so that the migrants could continue to illegally move into the EU. A direct threat to the European Union.

“Hey Greece, these people don't come to you and stay, they come to you and go to other countries in Europe. Why don't you open the gates? ” (source)

The EU is going to negotiate with this man again.

Last week the European Union already offered € 500 million to appease the case for the time being. (source)

Earlier this Monday, Angela Merkel, at the German-Greek economic forum in Berlin, also stated that:

"She would do everything she could to ensure that the EU-Turkey agreement could be taken to a new level.".

This ruling was continued because Charles Michel, President of the European Council, said he already had a team of experts ready to take care of the implementation of any agreement. (source)

A step-by-step plan for Mr. Erdogan. That is a nice start for the Turk.

Erdogan, Michel and von der Leyen
The demands of Erdogan

One of the most important demands of Erdogan is that its Turkish citizens get visa-free access to the European Union.(source) (source)

That would considerably expand economic relations and thus also be a great domestic success for the dictator.

The Turkish government still has to meet a number of conditions, including changing their controversial anti-terrorism legislation and the release of a number of detained journalists.

It could only be that the EU Commission agrees, if Erdogan delivers. For the EU, this means that Ankara must immediately take back all migrants who have entered the Schengen area illegally. This would relieve Greece.

Secondly, Erdogan wants to extend the customs union between Turkey and the EU. (source)

In June 2018, due to the constant violation of fundamental democratic rights, Member States decided not to negotiate this extension. Turkey would benefit enormously economically from this.

The IFO institute in Munich writes:

"The expansion of the customs union could lead to an increase in Turkey's gross domestic product of 1,84 percent."

The export of agricultural products to the EU can be done with 95 percent and the services by no less than 430 percent. (source)

Thirdly, according to EU diplomats, Ankara repeatedly refers to Article 9 of the EU-Turkey Agreement in internal discussions.

This article is about establishing a security zone in Syria near the Turkish border and about financial assistance from the European Union. Europe has to pay more money.

Fourthly, Ankara calls for regular meetings between Turkey and the European Union in the future.

This would strengthen Turkey internationally and increase the pressure to make mutual agreements.

No agreement concluded

At 18 p.m. Erdogan joined and at 00:20 p.m. (source)

The dictator left Brussels without a press conference afterwards. All in all, the meeting lasted less than 2 hours.

No deal has been made and the EU can begin to examine Mr Erdogan's demands in the coming days or weeks. And figure out how to bring it out.

Response of the European Union

No hard measures against this blackmailing dictator like Derk Jan Eppink argued last week.

You can stop loans and cash flows. Issue a negative travel advice to Turkey. "Erdogan is a dictator and that's how you should deal with him!", were Eppink's words. There are sufficient pressure means to suppress this dictator.

But it did not go that way as expected last Monday.

After Erdogan left Brussels, Von der Leyen and Michel turned up for a press conference.

As if it were a successful meeting, the globalists of the European Union tried to make something of it for the press.

One killer after another.

The EU told the press it "A good first step" and that she would “Looking for the right path together” and other empty commitments and statements.

From the Leyen could even agree in Erdogan's response that NATO countries must show solidarity with Turkey. (source)

Von der Leyen in the press conference after the visit:

“Good starting point! But we have reminded the Turkish president that he also has obligations! ”

"A first step in the right direction towards a stronger political dialogue. ” and “Dhe migrants, Greece and Turkey deserve help. ”(source)

“Violence is unacceptable. We can only find a solution if the pressure on the border is reduced. The boundaries must be respected. ”

And on how she views the violence of the migrants and whether it should not be condemned:

"Any form of disproportionate violence is unacceptable."

"We have to work together to find the right path to an agreement."

And in between, following the decision of the Greeks to stop processing asylum applications for a month, von der Leyen said:"The right to asylum applications must also be respected."

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas promised yesterday that more financial aid is an option for Turkey among a number conditions.

“The message from the EU is clear. We believe in fair burden sharing but we do not accept that people are used as political pawns in such desperate situations. ”, said Maas.

Really, we can phrase like "The first step towards a 'normal' relationship between the EU and Turkey has been taken.", no longer hear.

Today the first messages came out from Ankara, following the meeting yesterday in Brussels:

“In a first reaction after the consultations in Brussels about the migration crisis at the Turkish-Greek border, Ankara has announced that the agreements from the Turkey deal (2016) must be tightened.

Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said this morning that the EU must fulfill the promised relaxation of visa requirements for Turkish citizens and that the agreements on the customs union must also be adjusted. ”(source)


“Ankara believes that the EU is not honoring its agreements and is paying too little for the reception of the refugees. The country also wants support for the fight that the Turkish army is waging in the Syrian province of Idlib ” (source)

The EU is indeed the joke of the world. And it brings us time and again, unsolicited, into the most dangerous situations. NEXIT!

Europe has become the joke of the world

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