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Europe ready to send € 500 million to… Turkey

The European Union is saying nice words and we see through a number of sources that it is willing to help the Greeks (source) (source).

But in terms of decisiveness, we see completely different solutions coming from the European Union. This again crawls almost invisibly through the news behind the beautiful words and promises of the European Union.

So there is going to be some riot police material where they cannot get away from, but bring great things, but they want to try to appease the corrupt dictator behind the scenes with money.

The EU chief of Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell said in Zagreb last Friday that the European member states (including the Netherlands) are prepared to offer Turkey even more money, in addition to the 6 billion that the EU member states have already registered in 2016.

The European Union is therefore prepared to make another deal with Turkey and 500 million euros to send to Ankara to calm the minds like that. In this way, the EU tries this migrant crisis to solve. (source) (source) (source)

The € 500 million that the EU wants to pay is intended to "Promote refugee education", said Reuters (source).

EU talk about a dictator: "Turkey has a large border area, we have to understand that." but…"At the same time, we cannot accept that migrants are used as a lever." 

The latter is therefore what exactly happens. What empty words. Erdogan does not seem to accept the amount either. is in all of the above sources.

Normally the media could still cover it with a load of framing and fakenews. Enough people who fall for it, we know that. Who doesn't want poor real refugees to be helped with children? We do.

But now there are hundreds of thousands at the European gate, the bulk of which are aggressive Muslims attacking Allahu Akbar calling on Greece. All together in the picture. These are not people that we are going to integrate into Western Europe.

They are the same people from those regions where millions of them have already been brought in unnecessarily. And we see the effects of those people every day. We can't do anything else about it. News hour.

It is sad for the children and women who are in this situation. They are there. But don't blame the people of Europe for that. They have done and sustained enough. It is the stupid policy of the EU and individual leaders in Western Europe.

A journalist who tries to put this under the carpet can in any case count on a fair treatment of the population who are sick of the lies of the media.

Extreme left-wing journalist is beating Lesbos


So far, Erdogan seems to be in control. He reacted laconically yesterday when he returned from Moscow: “The West has several faces. The EU has also made us promises. I don't know if there is any result from our conversations. ” referring to the meeting with EU leaders that will take place tomorrow in Brussels. (source)

The coffee is ready for Erdogan in Brussels. As far as we are concerned, Derk Jan Eppink handles it further.

Additional sources:



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