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EU offers € 2.000 per migrant to go home

The European Union is frantically trying to support Greece by offering migrants € 2.000 per person when they return to their country. (source)

It is a one month offer. The European Union is distributing this money to people who are in Greek camps where the living situation is so bad that there is no more to live, according to the EU.

The EU flap tap


Ylva Johansson of the European Commission:

"The economic refugees will not be allowed to return and it may be a good option for refugees who do not think they are eligible for asylum."

Most say they no longer have a passport, so, unless you drop these people off at home, how are you going to check this?

The European Commission hopes that 5.000 people will take up this free money offer.

Normally, a fee of € 370 per person is given to help people with their return.

Now it is a matter of waiting for the EU to offer money to the aggressive belligerent migrants on the Greek borders.



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