EU earmarks 3,3 billion euros for corona aid in the Balkans

The European Union will send an amount to the western side of the Balkans à EUR 3,3 BILLION. This amount will be distributed among Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Most of the aid package will be used for the economy that has been standing still for several weeks. Only a small part of the money will go towards the provision of medical aid. In the Balkans, there appears to be a shortage of masks and respirators.

More than half of the package comes in the form of "favorable" loans from the European Investment Bank. “We have a special responsibility to support our partners in the Western Balkans during this pandemic, as their future clearly lies in the European Union,” said Commission President and Europhile Ursula von der Leyen.

Von der Leyen announces May 4 coronavirus vaccine pledging…


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