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EU fierce: traditional family and Christian upbringing enshrined in Hungarian constitution

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The traditional family with father and mother, husband and wife, is now part of the Hungarian constitution.

As a result, for example, only allowed married couples adopt children.

This means that homosexuals, transgender people, nonbinaries and other “non-traditional orientations or families” can no longer adopt children, because same-sex marriages CANNOT recognized in Hungary. Parliament has decided that.

Viktor Orbán's Fidezs party has one majority in parliament. The laws were thereby with one a large majority approved.

With the new laws kicks Hungary against the shins of the European Union that these legislative changes as discriminatory see.

The European Union is threatening with sanctions.

The term 'the family'is given a clear definition in the constitution.

Also, the Christian education now constitutionally determined, as does "the right to grow up in the sex assigned at birth."

With that, sex changes excluded by the constitution.

The new constitutional amendments also allow schools to only offer education in accordance with the identity of Hungary and the Christian culture.

What this will mean in practice for certain religious beliefs, such as Hungarian Jews, is not immediately clear.

There is also no information given more about homosexuality, transgender people, etc. That clashes with the Christian look at the mens.


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