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Europe is George Soros' gas chamber

A loud call for the dismissal of a Hungarian leader followed a wave of outrage in the Hungarian Jewish community for his remarked facts.

'Europe is George's gas chamber Sorossaid Szilard Demeter, ministerial commissioner in the Hungarian government and head of it Petofi Literature Museum:

'Poison gas is blowing through Europe from the zyklon B capsule called: the multi-cultural open society of George Soros.'

"Deadly for the way of life of European peoples !!"

As usual the Jewish community was on its back legs after the Holocaust comparisons.

Moreover, they find it a shame to accuse Soros of genocide. After all, he is a Holocaust survivor himself and they are by definition sacred.

She demanded immediately Demeter's head.

Demeter refuses however to step down and also the Hungarian government says even after all Union outrage To continue to support Demeter.

Demeter calls the original Residents of the European continent 'de new Jews'.

Hungarian Jews, in turn, call Szilard Demeter 'an old-fashioned Nazi'

That George Soros as a boy the Nazis helped with, among other things, stealing the luggage of Jewish people and becoming rich here remains unnamed by the Hungarian Jewish community in the year 2020.




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