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Europe is waking up! Salvini unstoppable in Italy

Three senators from the 5-star movement have switched to Lega by Matteo Salvini.

And that is fantastic news!

In 2018, the 5-star movement pretended to be a right-wing populist party but fooled the people and “did it with” the PD globalists.

Salvini was conveniently sidelined.

This conversation between Conte and the woman who will one day have to answer to court, Angela Merkel went viral:

After this center-left government installed itself, the borders in Italy opened wide again and the globalists were able to continue their dream of immigration again in the name of diversity and one Europe.

But Italy is fed up. Spit! And the population knows that.








In 2018 the 5-star movement had 33% of the people behind them. After this big betrayal, this is one of those 16%.

Salvini in 2018 17.4% behind them and are now in the polls 31.5%.

Like Salvini said when he was dropped off: "You can keep running but it's all over ..." and with that he meant not only Conte but also the globalists in the European Union.

Matteo Salvini has since only become more popular in Italy.

First there were elections Umria. The leftmost stronghold of Italy. Normally that is because Lega Nord from Salvini won the elections.

Salvini wins in the stronghold Umria on the left

In January there are elections in another left-wing stronghold Emilia Romagna. But you guessed who is at the top of the polls ...

And the government is getting harder and harder. Three senators have switched to Lega Nord from Matteo Salvini and the 5 star / PD government has lost its majority in the senate. They go from a majority of 50.5% to a minority of 49.5%. 

In the Lower House of Italy, to draw a comparison, the coalition still has a majority of 55%.

The three senators are Ugo Grassi, Stefano Lucidi and Francesco Urraro. But according to these three things are not over here. Many people feel betrayed within the party of the 5-star movement. Both at national and local level. (source)

The leader of the 5 star movement Luigi Di Maio wrote on Facebook:

“The League has opened a livestock market. They should announce the price so that we can see how much a parliament costs. ”













Typical words of losers who ruin it themselves by betraying the people and their own political colleagues.

First Grassi came to Lega and that same day Lucidi and Urraro also announced that they were switching to the Salvini party.

"It is truly an honor to be able to follow this political path" said Lucidi.

Salvini replied:

“Today a number of senators have joined us. Not because we offered or asked for something. They felt betrayed. ”

Without support. No CSTV.







Furthermore, Salvini played hard at 5-star leaders Luigi Di Maio and Beppo Grillo because of the betrayal of the 2 by joining forces with DP (Democratic Party) globalists. (source)

If there were elections now, the 3 right-wing parties would be Lega Nord, Brothers of Italy (brothers of Italy) and the Christian-Liberal conservatives Forza Italia are already 49%. The current coalition of 5 stars and DP is only 35%. (source: Twitter)

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