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European Council: Migrants should be released from detention

Dunja Mijatović is the current Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe.

Dunja requires all national governments within the European Union to release all migrants and return them to society as "Measure against COVID19" (source) (source)

Dunja Mijatovic

"These facilities provide poor conditions to meet social distancing and endanger their health."

"I call on all member states to review the situation of rejected asylum seekers (illegal immigrants) and to release them as widely as possible." (source)

She continues:

"Releases have been observed in several of our member states including Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and Great Britain, although the latter has only promised to review the situation for all those in detention centers."

Belgium released 300 migrants from detention centers last week. Without papers. Without knowing who they are, what they have done. They simply walk illegally among the population. (source)

Dunja also says that deportations should be suspended:

"People can only be held in detention when a deportation is about to take place, but in this crisis many countries have postponed their deportation procedures." (source)

These are extremely dangerous statements that can only come forth for another purpose.

How can one just let these people loose in society? These people disappear into the crowd. Without papers. Tracking them down again becomes difficult to impossible. In addition, migrants provide an enormous amount of (serious) crime.


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