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European Court restricts freedom of expression via Facebook

“When a judge in an EU country orders Facebook to dismiss a hateful or insulting message about someonejealousy it must also make identical or matching posts from other users inaccessible on its network, i.e. Worldwide. The European Court of Justice has ruled that out. "

“For removing messages similar to the original hateful message Facebook, or companies that offer similar services, does not have to make a substantive assessment. It must be possible with "automated techniques."

However, there are disadvantages to an automated technique, because it is difficult for an algorithm to distinguish between criticism, defamation and satire. And makes it harder for people to express their feelings / opinions via Facebook

“The court ruled in a case involving Austrian politician * Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek *. Facebook had blocked an insulting message about her after a court ruling in Austria. The country's highest court then asked the EU court to what extent the obligation to remove illegal posts goes. "

Glawischnig was a politician for the Austrian Greens, which received a lot of negative reaction after she suggested, in 2016, to 'pay Member States to take in refugees'.

This led to accusations of treason, corruption and “membership of an (eco-) fascist party”. Allegations they considered slander.

The trial:

Eva GP refugee ruling:

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