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Possible strategies of the ELITE

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In this document I describe all POSSIBLE strategies of the elite. Pay attention! I MAY write, because this is my personal analysis based on my own research! So it really is a document to think about and not to copy as the truth! Personally, I am always thinking about whether one or more strategies are playing. However, be aware that this is not always the case and be critical of what you are viewing. Don't draw a conclusion too quickly.

However, one thing is clear; if there power and money is at stake, you should always think if there is a hidden agenda at work. Thinking conspiracy is actually conceiving different scenarios that are not discussed on the news.

Other quotes or interesting facts

“The more corrupt the state, The more numerous the laws”

Today Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.

It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government. ”

Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

It's easier to deceive people than to convince them that they are deceived - Mark Twain

George Orwell he who controls the past controls the future:

Stay in the shade

Man has always struggled to some extent for power. Not every person searches for this, but many do and some will even kill for it. It is not strange to think that over the course of 1000 years, a number of families have taken over total power and so this power is being surrendered to the new generation.

These families have probably come to realize that not everyone is happy with the choices these families made in the past. A king who made choices that the people disagreed with either built up a bad reputation or revolutionized it.

So it is smarter to direct a king, who will be blamed if the people get angry. Once the person in question has stepped down, the families in the shadows simply choose the next candidate with or without some other characteristics.

In some cases, these elite people will operate under the cover of PHILANTROPY. They seem good, but have a secret agenda of greed or destruction.

Insider and outsider 

People think they are free in a democracy, but how is it that some eligible candidates suddenly make themselves available out of the blue? Who pays their campaign costs? This is especially relevant when choosing a president.

This strategy works as follows; elite sees the people change their mindset and simply pushes someone forward on the eye will serve the interest of the people. In the eyes of the people, this person is, as it were, anti-establishment.

The people see this person as an outsider, who is going to change what the people do not like about the established order. In reality, this person simply works for the people who fund him or her, just like the leader before. In this way nothing ever changes and one simply plays 2 sides against each other.


Never waste a good crisis 

This is once again a strategy that is not limited to world leaders, but applies people in general. People simply take advantage of a situation they think can help them have a more successful life. From people who buy masks in bulk and then sell them more expensive, to people who suspend the stock market in a decline, while millions become unemployed.

Having said that, the elite takes a moment like this to further expand large and lengthy agendas. People are distracted, confused and don't see what the elite are doing. Suddenly they discover that some of the freedoms they had before have suddenly disappeared.

Divide and conquer

This actually means that the established order puts people against each other and thereby retains power. After all, people are busy with each other and not with their leader. Politics is often used to quote the divide and conquer example, but there are many more ways that I quote below; 

Left-wing vs right-wing politics People hate the other political spectrum, but whoever comes to power, the elite in the shadows determine what happens. This differs from country to country, and I believe it concerns the people who influence a political leader. Not even the direct lobbyists around a leader, but those who are the lobbyists control.

Women vs men = make sure that men and women are against each other fight and you make people work less together. Children may grow up with trauma and see the state as their guardian angel more quickly.

Colored vs blank = put entire races, cultures and origins against each other, so they are busy with them and do not understand that people are basically the same and you go to fear behavior must look.

Conspiracy theorists vs. the rest= place a negative label on people who are critical and do not just believe a standard story, so that other people (who often believe the official story) can put them away as gekkies, without really starting a discussion.

You can also label people who rebel against current power as terrorists, which will only give the masses approval to lock them up. Perception influencing at its best.

In our opinion, divide and conquer is a very effective way of keeping people apart, which limits their collaboration. If people realize that everyone is basically the same and that they work together, leaders lose their power.

false flag

If a certain group or country wants something like war, in some cases they will create a situation, after which they can justify a war. They say, for example, that country a, has sunk a ship, nuclear weapons are present (sounds familiar), or has an inhumane government, which should be rejected.

In reality, this country is simply looking for a reason to attack the country. After all, they know that declaring war on a country without a valid reason out of the blue is not supported globally. These strategies have been going on for a long time, but because people can now do research more easily, this is becoming increasingly important light.

Rational excuse, underlying ideology  

This is something that many people do and therefore not very special. However, it seems that a group of elite is taking it to a completely different level. It is very simple; you give or tell people a rational statement that you expect them to believe. However, the real reason is ideological in nature. Two examples;


Rational reason
Explain that the climate is changing greatly due to global warming, that we are guilty as humans and that we all have to solve that. People want to help out of good intentions and will take it seriously as we have seen. Science is called in and many indeed indicate that the climate is changing by people.

Underlying reason or ideology
However, many scientists who have blamed criticism are not blamed money and are not invited to universities, for example. Trust is placed in the IPCC (an international non-transparent body), about which many journalists write that at the top are mainly bureaucrats who direct the scientists and adjust their findings. If that is true, the climate story can be nothing more than a tax increase, more control and power at an international institution.

It will not surprise me as a Catholic Pause this game plays along;

Pay attention! I think there is climate change, but it is skeptically said that it is mainly due to natural activities, not human actions! Because they have little or no say, I am skeptical about the standard story!


Rational reason
George Soros is associated with many conspiracies. Nevertheless, he spends a lot of time with world leaders and is seen by many people as a positive contribution to the world. With his fund he founds various foundations and is associated with the immigrant movement from Africa. He often indicates that he wants to help people.

Underlying reason or ideology
This Jewish Soros has been associated with the collapse of financial markets such as Asia and Great Britain. It will not surprise me that there is another reason behind everything he does. He is seen as a master manipulator and gets away with a lot. So it may well be that he wants to destabilize Europe with immigration, because of the culture Broken goes.

Humans have 2 hemispheres of which the left half is more focused on logic, while the right half is more focused on creativity.

So if you can make someone think with his or her left hemisphere, that person is less likely to see that there is an ideological reason behind it. Thinking sensibly with ONLY logic can therefore be a trap. You do not see alternative possibilities, for which your right brain is better suited. This is not a strange theory, because I think that every person actually does this to achieve something; from a child lying about his grades to someone who drove too fast. 

However, the game these people play is of a much higher level and has much more consequences. I believe this is happening to many leaders. They are told something they think is right, but actually they are being heavily manipulated.

perception management

This means, as it were, that a certain group of people wants to determine what other people do thinking of the world, whether or not this is true does not matter. It's about people thinking what this select group wants them to think. This is done in several ways but the most important are the media and the film industry. If you let people hear something long enough, they will eventually believe in it, even if it is not true (this will come up even more later).

So people who watch specific channels every day are going to believe what is being said. For this reason, the media plays a major role in shaping people's perception. They get to see an image of the world and that eventually becomes their reality. For this reason, the half therefore often associated with the elite, because you can control and shape people as you want via the TV. It is not uncommon for multiple channels to eventually all of them 1 company turn out to be, where the underlying difference is minimal.

Things similar to Hollywood also happen in Hollywood; rational argument, ideological or hidden message. Just look for the documentary out of the shadows on. We see films and series as separate fantasy stories, but often there is a hidden message behind.

It is easier people mislead than convince them they are deceived - Mark Twain

In order to keep people under control, it is useful to present as much information as possible to them, so that they no longer know what is and what is not true, while the truth develops before their face.

* see document elsewhere for more practical examples.

Using fear or emotion as a weapon

People make choices based on emotion, because without it we have no motivation to do anything. Would you like something to eat? emotion. Do you want to ride the rollercoaster? Emotion. Drive fast? emotion. Emotions provide a reason for making choices.

Media panic messages;
Spread media reports that can be overly emotional so that people in a state of fear make choices. Because of this state they don't think, or less rational they are easier to monitor by governments and agencies.

Nice words;
Elite organizations use words that sound good and that people feel more comfortable with. Chances are that many of them do not understand what they are doing and only the top that knows.

Diversity, inclusivity, transparency, smart, sustainable, global, the new normal, etc.

Government and fear;
A (large) government can only exist if people believe in it. Giving people the idea that the government is there for them will help people to trust it. People think they need a government to create a safe society, but people with a different structure can do that well self. 

People think they need a government for these matters and so they become dependent on a government. This is what they want, because then a government has power. In exchange for the sense of security, people like to give up freedom.

Guilt hidden as slavery

Offer countries, companies and people loans that they have to repay with interest and you create a structure where those who have the right to print money have the power. To make it even more beautiful, central and normal banks can print money from it nothing.

So central banks and normal banks can print money out of the blue and lend it to countries, companies and people at interest? Does that sound like a fair system?

What is the link between guilt and slavery?
Ever seen the debt mountain of every country?
Ever wondered how this debt will be repaid?

This is done by means of payroll tax, among other things. So every person loses part of his income by paying off the mountain of debt as soon as he or she starts working. So in the base you are already a degree slave from the banking system as soon as you become born!

Never mind, that applies to practically everyone and therefore also to people who work at banks. However, it will come as no surprise to me that the inventors of this system do not. The top bankers will also have tricks to avoid as much tax as possible.

Some more examples;

1 Piet borrows a hundred thousand from the bank for a mortgage. The bank creates this money from scratch. Piet then repays the amount borrowed with his work in the real economy. What if piet cannot pay the money, for example due to loss of income?

The bank can then tell Piet to sell the house so that the bank gets their money. So Piet is basically a slave to the banking system and that will only increase as he takes on more debt. Remember, the bank can create the loan amount from scratch.

The same as above happens to some extent with companies.

What does it mean when entire countries have borrowed?
What happens if countries cannot refund it?

Hopefully, you will see that the banking system enslaves the real economy because they can create money. They can even control entire countries.

Problem, reaction and solution - Hegelian Dialectic

Problem, response and solution is a control system designed to make people accept something they normally accept never would accept. This seems to have been devised by the Rockefellers for geopolitical purposes. This also happens with very simple things like marketing, where gamers have to pay to get better. 

Although this strategy is widely used, I suspect that elite groups are using it with power for very large purposes and changes. They use that power to create a society according to their ideal. The focus is on power and control.

Step 1 = create a problem;
At first you think of what you want, such as less privacy. Then you start thinking about what could make people do it not very if they had less privacy. This problem does not have to be completely real, but it is allowed. Examples;

Terrorism, financial crisis, climate change, war, child kidnapping, increased regulation / tax, etc. 

Step 2 = frame the reaction;
Make sure the news / media spreads what you want them to spread, so you can expose people to the information you want them to see. All information that your frame or narrative contradicts you try to remove. In order to achieve this, one must have control over various organizations such as;

Google / YouTube, Facebook, media companies etc. 

That seems impossible, but if you research these companies, you will see how much power certain companies have. Google has a lot of power and can block certain channels / videos via YouTube, while Facebook does the same. Coincidence? It is quite possible that the CIA plays a major role in this.

It also appears that many TV channels are actually owned by 1 company, who can therefore determine what is broadcast on the different channels.

So it's entirely possible that a group of elite owns or directs many companies in a way that helps them complete a calendar.


Propaganda! Shameless EU censored Donald Duck, because he was supposedly not enough pro-EU

Step 3 = Provide the solution;
Through the media and other companies you ensure that people only see what you want what they see, so that people eventually demand a solution that you zelf had in mind. In this way, the elite can further complete their agenda or agendas.

As said before, the solution will always have to do with it removing liberties / privacy and or more tax. It is often also a further process towards the NWO

Create guilt / shame;
This is similar to the problem, reaction and solution strategy and has to do with fear and emotion. 

Step 1 = create a line that you want to print by people or countries.
Step 2 = Make the country or residents concerned feel guilty about what you want to enter. 
Step 3 = If people feel guilty about something, they easily agree to rules that are then introduced. 

Climate, immigrants


The elite know that people place a high value on hope, hope for a better future, hope for a better life, etc. Hope keeps people doing what they already did to some degree. This can be positive, but also negative.

You can use hope to manipulate people. An example of this I find myself Q or Qanon. Many people think this Q knows what is going on and trust that his predictions will come true. In the meantime, it is quite possible that this Q simply ensures that people do nothing.

People don't rebel because they are told that everything is going according to plan and Trump is doing everything according to plan. So Q can be controlled opposition. Having said that, I don't follow Q much, so don't know exactly what he is currently telling.

Who pays it determines - hierarchy

Whose bread one eats, whose language one speaks. 

Simple strategy that shows how it is that the world is like this today. People need money to survive. So if you pay them, you can decide what to do and say. If they don't, you fire them, so they no longer have any income. 

It is therefore not surprising that this creates a hierarchy structure, in which the policy from above determines what to do below, even if you disagree on the work floor. So everyone follows orders, as it were, even if they disagree, because of job retention.

This also happens at the top of, for example, the business community and above. I personally think that at a very high level people abuse each other to some degree. Think of Jeffrey Epstein; this man knows a lot about the people who interacted with him.

You can count on them to keep an eye on each other and make information available that is very piquant. In this way one can check each other. In my opinion, it is no coincidence that Jeffrey Epstein died. This man simply knew too much.

Joint enemy and psychological warfare

Governments and globalists often try to find a common enemy, which then as diversion serves. People want to keep power and as long as the people are distracted, chances are that they will succeed. Think of the threat of terrorists, climate change and now covid. As described elsewhere, these distractions can be used not only as a distraction, but also to advance calendars.

Globalists mainly use it in international terms, because they want the world to become 1. It is, as it were psychological warfare, preparing the people for something. Sometimes the people will demand that this also happens. This is actually part of perception management.

NWO psychological words;
We see certain terms everywhere that may even be used globally. We must be absolutely critical of this, is there anything behind it? Is it psychologically preparing for something in the future, or accepting the current situation?

Consider the following;

We are all in this together! or we are all dealing with covid. The hidden meaning? create a common enemy, namely covid, where the focus can be placed. So in my opinion it can serve as a DERIVATION so that one does not see what is happening in the background.

The new normal or the new normal! this may be conditioning people, accepting that the current restriction of freedom is NORMAL. It is, as it were, presented as if this is the new standard, or reality.

What is happening in the meantime?
Central banks all over the world In large numbers printing currency (debt aka slavery), privacy rules violated, economy broken, new temporary (permanent) regulations introduced, roll-out 5G etc.

Influencing and distracting people
I think this is especially interesting for people who wonder why few people rebel. I must add that it is a presumption based on coincidences. However, if you put yourself in the mindset of the elite, it is quite possible.

So before you read the explanation below, put yourself in the position of an elitist person with no moral sense who just wants more power and control;

Drugs = ideal for making people more stupid. People who use drugs are generally less sharp and smart. If a leadership force makes people smart enough to work, but stupid enough not to see they are slaves, you have perfect slaves.

Alcohol = same as drugs, although it is generally less bad.

Porn This is something that is generally seen as normal and not bad, but enter no fap experiences on YouTube and see the different experiences. Porn has a great psychological effect on men in particular. They lose their energy and want to fight.

Porn has even been used as a war weapon in the Middle East!

Gamble = also a type of drug because it can become addictive. So it is also a good way to distract people.

To consume = one thing, especially in an America, in which the population constantly gets propaganda about buying things. Tell people that consuming them will make them happy and eventually a lot will follow. Again a good way to distract them.

Gamers = gamers are perfect for those in power, they are busy playing and are not a threat to those in power.

Films and series (netflix) = same as gaming, but now the government can even release propaganda material to further control the sheep.

Festivals / going out = tell people to party just because life is good. Another good way to distract people.

Obviously, anything to do with entertainment can be used as a distraction to the people to keep control over them. Don't get me wrong, this does not mean that you have to stop everything above right now, but that you do take it into account.

In the end, it just comes down to the ruling power wanting to keep this power. See, for example, China; if you do well what the government wants, there is nothing to worry about, but as soon as you become smart, they will limit you.

The people who do not notice that their freedom has diminished are often the people who never challenge the executive. They just do what the government wants.

Focus on determining a frame

If you want to complete a particular agenda, the facts are not always good and therefore one focuses on what they want to show and remove, or ignore the facts. If someone quotes that, they will like him or her silent want to make. 

In a world where money means power, you can determine what information someone should share, because otherwise you don't pay him or her.

Influencing public opinion;
Polls and surveys are great ways to manipulate the people. For example, leave one sounding see in which they incorporate a certain agenda. People who believe in the agenda are happy and the other side is discouraged in their thinking.

Say something often enough and people are going to believe it;
This is by Joseph Goebbels and the title says it all; just let people hear the same thing over and over and they will eventually believe, because they haven't heard anything else. The strategy is used as propaganda to complete a specific goal. See other explanation below;

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and / or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. ”

Pyramid of manipulation;
Make sure to withhold information and people remain naive. Meanwhile, the elite can do their thing. 


How to fight it?

Know the outcome, know the journey

Consider what is in the interest of the elite and what their end point is could be. You better see the way to it and can prepare for it. Make sure that you hardly work with their system. 

How do you do that?

Euro, dollars, pound etc. is currency, not money. Why is that? because today's currency only has the value of trust. It is a valid payment method, because people see it as such. In reality, a euro is plain paper and worth no more than the monopoly notes.

What, then, is real money?
Something with an underlying value, such as silver and gold, but also grain, chocolate, livestock, etc. Everything that has a value can possibly be used as money or exchange good.

It is therefore advisable to convert part of your savings into precious metal. See below a link to a site where you can read a highly respected gold / silver report to convince yourself.

IGWT Report EN

May also be of interest for greater privacy and it is not constantly devalued by central banks that print massive amounts.

Off the couch
Keeping money in the bank is useful for making daily payments, but you don't want to hold much more. This keeps the corrupt system alive. The system mainly serves the rich. You can keep some of the money at home, but also in places such as bank lease plan; where your money is only used to finance the lease plan yourself. Because it is not a real bank, you also have less risk.

Another option is transferwise, which I use myself. Just like the lease plan bank, this is a place where you can store your money more securely, but you can also transfer money internationally with it and you have the option to convert currency to the most common currencies. See This is an affiliate link, with which I earn money if someone also becomes a member. I only indicate this option if I have had good experiences with it myself.


It's fine to watch the standard media, but rest assured that it has been manipulated, or that you are not hearing everything. this also applies to NETFLIX.

Realize that the powerful elite have no moral sense. They are people who are most likely not a nice addition to a party. They may be able to pretend, but in reality they have no emotion.

They are simply implementing ideologies and just want more power and control over people. Name this, give love to people around you. Communicate with people.


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