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EXCITING! LAW NOW NU.NL AGAINST COMMONSENSETV OR VIDEO BACK? removed our video a while ago in which the lies and framing of NU.NL became clear by quoting an example from their own archive.

A defense had to be submitted to get the video back on our channel. We did that.

After Youtube asked 3x for more details, they have handled the defense and approved it on their part. The defense had to be largely in Spanish.



















That is exactly 13 days ago today. Tomorrow is the deadline.

The defense has not just been put together. Before you submit a defense, you must be well aware that YouTube is tackling you hard by removing your channel when they think the defense is not justified. So you have to be sure of your case.

Following the 4 golden rules of Fair use) We went through 100% certain: Here we go against it!

We have therefore passed that phase and YouTube has found the defense justified. Now we are anxiously waiting for the video or the summons.

If does not arrive at YouTube with evidence that they have actually taken legal action against CSTV, the video will be replaced.

That video will actually be a sausage to us. It has been on the internet forever:

But it is undeniable that these types of platforms just remove your video. Of course you should not nag when you violate copyright rights, but that is not the case here.

So if it is decided that we have acted correctly, can wet her breast. We have some more examples of their framing and lies and we know the rules now.

Unless they really take us to court ...

But that too is news and shows how works. We make everything public at least. Whichever way it goes.

For those who don't know what this is about:

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