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Facebook blocks Donald Trump “until his resignation”

So much injustice hurts so much ...

What is happening here cannot be described with penalties and for any reasonable person a thick black page for humanity. When you followed it closely, you saw with your own eyes how Evil has struck shamelessly and without brakes. The end justifies all means.

With vicarious shame you look at your fellow countrymen who, like headless chickens, draw conclusions and point the finger. With a huge mouth but not having a single point of view about what they say about themselves and what exactly they support.

The media has proven to be our greatest enemy and along with social media and the socialists, they brainwash ill-informed people who have developed a certain laziness that prevents one from looking for oneself and drawing well-founded conclusions instead of walking with the masses who walk around like headless chickens in the world created by the media.

In this way oil-stupid citizens become part of the big problem in our society. Worldwide. Laughing they give up all their freedoms and pull people, who they do have a list and who want the very best for their country and fellow countrymen, into this misery.

The bitter thing is that when you express that, you also play into them. More chaos. More confusion.

Years of tyranny of BLM and Antifa. You didn't hear anyone. They were "peaceful" protests. But yesterday the hyenas were on top of it. Completely ignoring the fact that there were Antifa figures among them and that the police literally stormed the people in. It's so obvious but it doesn't matter to the useful idiots. Without even having a punch line about what is actually going on.

Had they all been communists, okay. Reprehensible. If you support communism then that is your right. But we dare to say that the vast majority has nothing to do with that at all. It expresses the ultimate stupidity of these people. Again, everyone has the right to find what they want. But these people are so deceived and then defend evil tooth and nail. And those who say something or revolt against it are dismissed as terrorists. We live in an upside-down world.

How did it come to this with all those people? When do you lose your common sense and any ability to look at things from multiple perspectives? Do they think a million people just come to Washington DC?

Facebook is blocking Donald Trump until his resignation

Symbolically they want to deliver the final blow here and Donald Trump must be humiliated to the bone and half the population there.

The Insane Mark Zuckerberg: "We think the risks are too great if we allow the President to use our service."

Who does he think he is? They see the finish line and immediately the true face emerges.

"The shocking events of the past 24 hours clearly show that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transfer of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden,", according to this scary little man.

“In recent years, we have allowed President Trump to use our platform in accordance with our own rules, sometimes removing content or tagging his posts when they violate our policies”, Zuckerberg wrote on Thursday.

“We did this because we believe that the public is entitled to the widest possible access to political speeches, even controversial speeches. But the current context is now fundamentally different and includes using our platform to instigate violent uprisings against a democratically elected government. ”

This makes tens of millions of people even more fierce in America and worldwide. Rightly so. But they seem to care about how far they can go. It is no longer comprehensible how far this injustice goes. What will this lead to?


Deleted Tweet from Donald Trump:


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