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Facebook censors CommonSenseTV for a month. Read why :D

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This is not something that makes us angry or upsets us.

We still automatically posted our articles on Facebook so that people who are still welcome there have the chance to read our articles.

There has been a huge shadow ban on our Facebook page for almost a year now. Facebook itself also states this. It states that our content can only be read by a minimum selected number of people. So what are we even doing there?

We are allowed to use the SHARE and LIKE buttons but not with “full functionality”, meaning no dog will see the like buttons. The articles will therefore not be reported. Twitter is even more hilarious. That is probably why we suddenly only see 20 likes where articles used to receive 200 to 3.000 likes. We also arrived at those numbers with Facebook.

That was always a dilemma because you had to weigh the benefits against it. But that decision has now been made.

No, we had to get rid of this, that became clear to us and we went to look for the other ant.

Initially, we wanted to set up a system to only send traffic from Facebook to CommonSenseTV and not the other way around. In this way, we at least only benefit from their service. But we don't even want that continuous connection to those sites anymore. It slows down and it fetches information.

As soon as you post free share and share buttons from Facebook, as we do now, that means we are the product. Nothing is free and Facebook wants information when something is free. Our information and they want to know what you click. Again, we are their product.

To create a well-visited website you just have to do a good job. When you have a site where people can easily navigate to articles or columns that they are interested in, also older articles, and where they feel at home because there are people who can help and everything is easy to find, you build something beautiful.

If you can also build a perfect structure and get your affairs in order behind the scenes, we really don't need Facebook or Google to be found and become big. Someone opened my eyes on this when I was still trying to link everything to as many social media and video sites as possible for the last few months to create a so-called mega site to make. That was my big mistake. He saw it and he handled it the right way to convince me of it. Thank you. A life lesson.

We would like to elaborate on this in detail, but we have an article ready that will be published at the right time. We think that everyone will find it very interesting already.

Which post was it this time? What have we done again so that we have to keep our mouths shut for another month?

It was about this article:

Deaths and serious damage from vaccines in the Netherlands

This was the introduction to that article as we posted it on Facebook.

More on this soon. Also useful for you!


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