Facebook and Instagram will remove all images of Zwarte Piet from their platforms. The company with more than three billion users worldwide will censor STEREOTYPES.

Starting with the phenomenon of blackface and with clichés about Jews as usurers and conspirators.

Shylock, the greedy Jewish usurer from the famous play by William Shakespeare, is also a thorn in Facebook.

Parents who upload a photo of a Sinterklaas entry with Zwarte Pieten or a visit by the Saint and his servants at home, will notice that their mail is removed after a complaint.

Soot and Rainbow Petes are allowed by Facebook.

Pictures of Jews with, for example, a big nose, and sitting on a bag of money, or as an evil genius behind the scenes, are also forbidden.

Pictures of Caucasian blond women depicted as stupid sex pussy are not censored and can therefore just remain, because this falls CANNOT under 'harmful stereotypes' or insultFacebook thinks.

"We want to create a safe environment on our platforms," ​​said a Facebook spokesperson.

The new rules about 'harmful stereotypes'are according to her drawn up after nine months consultation with sixty organizations and experts.

None of them are Dutch.

'The figure blackface is experienced worldwide as racist. Zwarte Piet is an example of this. '

According to the spokesperson, more stereotypes that are perceived as harmful will eventually follow. Think of Mexicans (he) and Belgians (sun).

In the new house rules Facebook describes harmful stereotypes such as: content about people who use them reduces to their cultural or racial characteristics, and linked to, or incitement to, intimidation, exploitation, exclusion and violence.

The Information and Documentation Center Israel (cidi) welcomes the ban on Facebook.

"The all-powerful Jew who is secretly pulling the strings and responsible for everything that is wrong in the world is an age-old stereotype," says anti-Semitism researcher Aron Vrieler.

'This caricature turns out to be universally applicable and pops up more often thanks to social media.

Vrieler believes that Facebook should also be more active in messaging keep out in which the Holocaust is watered down.



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