Fake news is not always false

Not stating all the facts is not necessarily a lie.

First two fictional messages to make things clear. Here is an excerpt from my 1st book Romke D'13:

"But a newspaper like that can't just lie, can it?"
'No Joop, I didn't say that either, it's just how you present facts. An example: once during the cold war a skating competition between a Russian and an American. A mini tournament over four distances for two sliding athletes. The latter won. The Russian was therefore automatically last, while they were very little inferior to each other. What did the Russian media say: "During an international skating tournament, our national hero and comrade Iwan Plofkipsky took an honorable second place, while Yankee Gay Badly just managed to claim second to last place." Did they lie? The Russians proud, got the truth, but which one? '

In a US newspaper the same story, of course worded differently: "Our fellow countryman was gloriously first in a tournament in Alma Ata, while the only participating Russian athlete completely collapsed after an ignominious last place, disenchanted, stepped off the ice and fell ingloriously".

A second invented piece of news could just be found in an Amsterdam newspaper: “A dangerous tiger python has been spotted in the center of Amsterdam”.
The reporter, who had just left Artis, was not lying. If he doesn't mention the location, he's not lying, but it will cause unwanted panic

Now two examples of actual reporting:

In a brief report on the demonstration against the corona policy in Berlin at the end of August, the MSM reported more than 25.000 protesters. Also in the reports every so many sentences mentioned many riots and violent acts.
This news was presented to the slavish followers of the law-abiding media. And mind you, there was no lying! If it had been honestly reported that about 1 million protesters were demonstrating peacefully in Berlin, that would be a different journalistic thing. After all, with some imagination, 1 million is very, very well over 25.000. And there were some irregularities here and there, with only a few riots. According to insiders on the scene, it was the largest peaceful demonstration in Berlin's history.
And what the MSM deliberately did not mention was that Robert F. Kennedy gave a very moving and emotional speech. By not reporting the latter, you will of course not be lying.
But a report that a demonstration with more than 25.000 demonstrators was marred by riots everywhere, without mentioning Kennedy, is very biased.

A message closer: The national media reported that the VVD is moving to the left. What do you mean to the left? This suggests that the party elite is repenting and adjusting its course on ideological grounds. But what is the other truth that is not or barely highlighted? The VVD fears loss of votes to the middle parties such as CDA and D66.
So purely out of their own or party interest, they move slightly towards the middle. For half a year, of course. After the elections, the VVD celebrities will again involve the right-wing positions during coalition talks.
In short, the VVD will not become more left-wing, but in view of the upcoming elections it will move to the center (that is slightly to the left). Again, there is no explicit lying, but the truth is something else.

By not including positive facts about Trump and not mentioning Biden's negative reports, an entire nation of 330 million people can be put on the wrong track. With regard to corona, the pharma, WHO and fringe figures with power dictate the news sections in this way.

Rients Hofstra

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