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Fake news and scare tactics at activist RTL News about Spain

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Yesterday RTL devoted an article to the so-called “huge increase in corona infections” in Spain.

Do you really want to see the true face of the media? Then be sure to watch the video at the bottom of this article.

Can't wait to see the ultimate example of the true nature of the media? Then look here first!

RTL News is activism. Good news is NOT an option

RTL talks about 8.000 infections per day in Spain (source) No positive tests. No .. it will and should be called contaminated.

It is truly unheard of how all media, no exception, want to sow panic in this way. Consciously. And a lawsuit from a Supreme Court, in fact, to abolish the measures, disregard them and see them as bad news. A judge who acquits citizens of all measures simply because they have been declared unfounded. It bears no relation to the virus.

The consequences of these measures affect the population completely unnecessarily very deeply. Everyone has to deal with the consequences and notice the immediate consequences and what still awaits us if it is up to the European governments.

Two Supreme Courts pronounce judgment. That is news. Congratulations people in Madrid. How are you feeling?

None of that. All channels report it as alarming and it is hardly discussed. As if the judges are insane. The last 3 articles plus the video about Spain, summarize exactly what is wrong with the thoroughly corrupt media and how we are all taken in the oak.

So flashy that you yourself are almost frozen because it goes against all logic. Rationality has disappeared. We live in a country where the truth doesn't count, but the fear ...

The bastard RTL does exactly what they do. Purposeful.

Here the other side of the story.

In reality, there is a lot of good news to report from Spain.


As of Friday, 20.000 new positive people have been registered in Spain. This means that when you relate it to almost the entire country, an awful lot of people everywhere test positive by the, not completely reliable, PCR test. Or they have already had the virus.

Completely harmless. It can only be fatal for the elderly. We do not need a government to be careful with that and certainly no coercive measures that destroy our entire lives.

The higher number of deaths in recent months is mainly due to the failing policy of the government. In reality, it now appears that immunity has been built up. A vaccine is therefore completely unnecessary.

This is very good news!

But look how it is presented and which graph RTL takes over from the Spanish lie press El Pais:


Like we're idiots. Small children.

That's just as easy! If we run 100.000 more tests tomorrow, we can make that graph even more terrifying.

But this graph makes damn sense when you're going to do massive testing and wonderful news when you compare it to the death tolls. Especially if you are honest about the fact that of that low number, 90% is also almost dead. As irreverent as it sounds. But we've all seen the numbers mess around. When you have lung cancer and you get corona, then you are a covid victim for the numbers. If the likely influenza flu hits such a sick person, that is the final push. But the cause of death is registered as lung cancer. Logical.

But it can be much worse. in England it is told openly.

When you get tested positive in April and you come under a car in June… yes, really… you are a corona dead in the UK and where else.

English government fraudulent corona figures



You call this putting numbers into context. Balance it against what we all have to go through personally and weigh it against each other. A simple tweet that immediately gives a more realistic picture of how things really stand.


It's exactly the same story in Spain. The country has 47 million inhabitants. The strategy is simple. Where one is going to test, one is the l * l. This is against all reason and common sense.

A very healthy country with a virus that we have been living with for decades, but in a weaker form. Important is the exceptionally high average age of the victims of 82 years. IAt nfluenca flu, the average age of deaths is no less than 17 years lower. 65 years is the average age of flu deaths.

Now make a graph of the number of corona deaths in relation to these “contaminated”? Below 0,0001%

And make a graph of the number direct corona deaths? Flatline! Zero!

Are there direct deaths from corona in the untested areas? No. Are there direct deaths from corona among the positive people? No.

How many people have died indirectly in recent days after those TEN THOUSANDS INFECTIONS and FIREFIRES that RTL is talking about?  12 last week! 

Old people, with serious underlying conditions.

The reality

There seems to be a great deal of immunity against this virus. Immunity that the media and politicians want to hold back by means of bizarre measures such as masks and washing your hands until there is no skin on them.

Good news is made bad news! Purely consciously by these corrupt journalists so that we continue to live in fear and we really get destroyed by the measures. Corona produces almost no direct victims.

But the measures suppress the entire population and people lose everything. That only costs victims.

This entire news item from RTL, taken over from El Pais, who think it's wonderful to dedicate a live blog to it and keep it up to date day and night is pure fake. Scaremongering.  (source)

Everyone who is tested positive is perfectly healthy or very healthy again within a few days. It is completely harmless to anyone under 70.

With emo talk they try to tell you that the elderly are just as important when you come up with these arguments. This while every country in Europe has never been so cruel to old people.


One Tielemans of RTL said the following:

“There has been a lot of criticism of his corona policy. He shines through his absence now that the corona numbers soar in August. Spanish media reported that he has now returned from vacation earlier, but according to many Spaniards that is still too late. ”

Nonsense! The government tightened up the corona measures in a gruesome way last Thursday! (source)

These were the 10 new rules that took effect last Thursday:

1. Smoking ban
Spain agrees to ban smoking on public roads or in outdoor areas when a minimum personal distance of at least two meters cannot be respected. This limitation also applies to the use of other tobacco inhalation devices, bongs, bongs, and the like.

2. Ban on nightlife
The autonomous communities agree to close discotheques, dance halls and cocktail bars with and without live music performances.

3. More restrictions in the hospitality industry
The establishments of hotels, restaurants, terraces, bars and beach bars must guarantee the minimum personal distance of 1,5 meters in the bar service. They must also guarantee a minimum distance between tables or table groups of 1,5 meters, with a maximum of 10 people per table or group.

The regulations prescribe that the table or group of tables used for this purpose must be in accordance with the number of people, so that the minimum personal safety distance will be respected. Likewise, the property will have a maximum closing time of 01.00 a.m., without new customers being admitted from midnight.

4. Without bottles
Bottles are banned throughout Spain. The authorities are now strengthening controls to prevent unauthorized alcohol consumption and other unauthorized activities on public roads. In this sense, the autonomous communities and municipalities will apply the corresponding sanctions to this violation.

5. More checks in homes
Spanish homes will now perform PCR tests on all new admissions in residential social sanitation centers, with a maximum of 72 hours in advance. Diagnostic tests will also be performed on employees returning from leave and vacations, and on new employees who join.

The entrances and exits of these centers will be limited. Visits are limited to one person per resident, with extreme prevention measures, and with a maximum duration of one hour per day. The centers must guarantee the distribution of visits to residents throughout the day. The withdrawal of residents in social health centers is also limited to the maximum. These measures, as reflected in the new regulations, can be exempted for people in the end-of-life process.

At the same time, the communities are recommending regular PCR testing of workers in social and health centers who are in direct contact with residents.

6. Security of mass events
Under the new regulations, mass events must perform a risk assessment in accordance with the document “Recommendations for mass events and activities in the context of the new normality due to covid-19 in Spain” agreed in the Public Health Commission of the Inter-territorial Council of the National Health System. Based on this evaluation, any event with these characteristics must have the authorization of the Autonomous Community to take place.

7. More screening in risk areas
Faced with fears that the outbreaks will spiral out of control, the autonomous communities will conduct PCR screening in those areas where an epidemic is identified. The tests will pay special attention to populations at risk and potentially exposed. This is the case, for example, for residents of social and health centers, neighborhoods with community transfer, education centers, affected housing blocks, vulnerable groups, among others.

8. Limit social contacts
The new regulation also contains a series of recommendations (no obligations) for citizens. It is recommended to limit social encounters outside the stable cohabitation group from now on. And limit these meetings to a maximum of 10 people.

9. More resources for healthcare
The agreement between the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities ends with a reminder. The document states that, as of this writing, “the resources and capabilities of health systems will be guaranteed to meet the provisions of the Early Response Plan in a scenario of covid-19 pandemic containment”. In practice it is not yet clear how this measure will take shape.

10. Measures being evaluated (and revised)
This declaration of intent of the autonomies remains in force until further notice. Likewise, the health authorities commit to review and update all these guidelines in line with the evolution of the epidemiological situation. At the moment of truth, it cannot be ruled out that some autonomy will eventually apply more measures than previously announced.


So the government is not doing anything, RTL?

Yes! But you will read that the Supreme Court has spoken JUST. Stopped this terror! And RTL pays no attention to that. What is justice for journalists, right?

Quote from one Tielemans from RTL:

“The concerns in Spain are great, especially when normal life resumes in September. People are going back to work, schools are reopening. Many Spaniards are afraid that the infections will only increase. More will be announced next week about how the schools will open (with what restrictions). ”.

The only "concerns" are the politicians in power and the media. Furthermore, this is NOT based on anything. Nor is there any context or proof that this is the case. It is a loose statement that has no value whatsoever.


The same Tielemans:

 “There has been a lot of criticism of his corona policy. He shines through his absence now that the corona numbers soar in August. Spanish media reported that he has now returned from vacation earlier, but according to many Spaniards that is still too late. ”

Spaniards are sick of the rules and after the judges in Madrid and in Ciudad Real have decided to cancel the most drastic corona measures, the country is reviving and there are mass demonstrations daily. The death rates, including the average age and the underlying conditions are completely insignificant.

Tielemans from RTL:

“In mid-June, the number of corona infections in Spain was very low, so the lockdown certainly helped. The problem is that after the state of emergency, the rules were quickly let go and many Spaniards (especially young people) had the illusion that the corona virus was now over. ” 

Our fault! Of course. Based on? Not on landing without a lockdown. No evidence whatsoever.

And now they are going to try to relate it to the children.

Once born with a face mask, and the next generation doesn't know any better.

We are not retarded! It is impossible that no one from the media is asking real questions. Other sounds from the many experts and doctors we have, beyond their own sticky clique of “experts”. This is pure activism.

So what's really going on in Spain?

The judges put a stop to these disgusting measures. And the media are fed up! Here is the very best example you will ever get.


IMMEDIATELY after these bizarre rules took effect last Thursday, 2 Supreme Courts, independently of each other, immediately abolished these disgusting corona measures

Last Friday:


Last Saturday:


“According to the Supreme Courts, these five measures are not legally enforced because they do not meet the minimum requirements of proportionality and, without proper justification and motivation, SERIOUSLY violate fundamental rights. ”

Here you can read the real story of what is going on in Spain. Not with RTL News.

Spanish judges reject masks and abolish atrocities

Mouth caps duty: Abolished
Smoking Ban: Abolished
Closure of catering industry: Abolished
Imprison the elderly: Abolished
No smoking on terraces: Abolished
Closure Hotels: Abolished


The judges say: Stop this nonsense!

Madrid is virtually free from corona terror. Many will follow. That's the news from Spain.

This RTL article rattles on all sides and is covered with lies and scare tactics. It's manipulation. Deception. Oppression.

Has there been one journalist in the Netherlands, or in Spain, who speaks of good news now that a judge has ruled it and the fundamental rights of citizens are finally being protected? NO!

It says everything about the media. Corrupt through and through.


Finally, nice words from a person who donated € 30 to us.

“The (perception) prison door is open. We are free. We just have to infect each other en masse with this freedom virus (which commonsensetv is working very hard on). ”

We put it in our pocket and it is beautifully described. It is simply getting up and walking together. Some men who risk our lives and give blatantly misinformation. What will we get now?



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