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Fanmail for Hugo de Jonge

Dear Hugo,

Because the umpteenth open note or call to your address is probably not read by you, I thought: I'll do it differently.

Considering your overt drooling with that androgynous girlfriend of yours across the big puddle - for the attentive viewer Lady GG - your love for cool 'over the top' shoes, and your general preference for attention, I just got the idea to play on your vanity, and therefore to mask this 'call' as fan mail.

So now that I have your attention, I would like to discuss serious matters.
We - the group of thoughtful Dutch people - are 'somewhat' shocked by the umpteenth chapter of the 'Hugo de Grote' one-man show, which shows that you have signed a contract on behalf of the Netherlands - and more or less on our behalf, given your hobby as a 'representative of the people' - with a, let's keep it tidy, somewhat dubious pharmaceutical giant.

This company - AstraZeneca - appears to have received 19 criminal charges for its Swedish Västerfärnebo skirt in the past 10 years. These criminal prosecutions cover a lively file concerning, among other things: illegal marketing

  • false advertising
  • lie in ads about FDA approval
  • illegal marketing
  • marketing an illegal and unapproved drug
  • not properly reporting side effects
  •  abusing patent rules and lying about patents
  •  fraud


And for these criminal offenses, they have received so many fines that the number of zeros even makes Uncle Bill Gates dizzy.

Actually a track record that an average department of the Bella Società Riformata - aka the Camorra - would not be ashamed of, and in all your infinite, and based on your healthcare qualifications, you decide (again) on our behalf. to conclude a contract with this pharmaceutical giant, which has a truly 'intact coat of arms'.

What was it that drove you to this decision Hugo? Was it the recognition of the Camorra-like activities that gave you a certain 'home feeling', given the activities at the Binnenhof?

Was it the pressure inside the Big Pharma that your predecessor Bruno Bruins - who apparently still had some form of conscience - stumbled upon?

Or is it the long-known hate from political The Hague towards the citizen, through which you personally decided to join a game of Russian roulette with the bet of the life of the Dutch people?

But now that you have decided in (again) all your wisdom based on your personal qualifications in medicine that you are a much better Russian roulette player than Robert de Niro in the Deer Hunter, may I ask you the following question:

Now that you have so strongly believed in this pharmaceutical giant and this vaccine by signing this contract, you are therefore prepared to have the first syringe put in Ismaël the Younger?

It is of course easy to play Russian roulette with, for you, insignificant lives, but what about if that one bullet from the gun is aimed at your own family?

Obviously I do not expect an answer from Hugo here, because I know that what counts as a duty for the common people, will never be placed equally with the political elite in The Hague ... but it still remains a question of conscience (if you had a conscience)

But then still a 'thing' to think about Hugo, and of course I play the vanity card again, because I know that that is the only area where you can 'touch'

You, the gaudy peacock of this cabinet 'strive for a shiny legacy, and your place in the honorary gallery of our (former) homeland.

I just know, I don't even need to know you for that, that you are so vain that you get a hard Christian thumper just at the thought, and that's why I say ……… think again.

There have been many greats, both on the good and the bad side, and it is entirely up to your own actions in which category you are classified, but given the signing of this contract I rather see the terms war criminal and genocide perpetrator politicians appear with your heart in the right place on your record.

Update: after posting my piece, I was told that AstraZeneca was not sentenced 10x but 21x criminally.

Michel Mulder

Article about the criminal prosecutions of AstraZeneca

Open letter to Hugo de Jonge

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