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Fantastic Baudet contribution about the globalists

Thierry Baudet of the Forum of Democracy briefly and clearly explains why he fights against the rest of the attendees and globalists in general.

An important video for both left and right Listen to what is being said here and forget that it is Baudet is (haters). This is a fair question and presentation. Where do we want to go with our beautiful Netherlands?

The political elite are all, even the VVD, globalists who want a Europe without borders in which identity and culture no longer exist. A Europe in which “everyone is equal”.

And some will not want it personally, but they follow the big picture, invented by globalists in the European Union and other dangerous people such as George Soros.

But people don't want that anymore. And don't fall for it anymore.
And that group is getting bigger and bigger.

What we all feel Thierry knows how to articulate again very nicely.

You notice and see in everything that these politicians are in a hurry. Almost to push everything through quickly because they are losing. It is a childish but perilous game.

The political leaders of globalism have nothing to do with their citizens and they don't care much about ours "visitors" that they split us in the stomach, murderous and raping household here in Europe. Their positions are important to them.

That seems easy to say, but if it is certain that too large a percentage of immigrants that you bring in are a major threat to society and will cost civilian lives, and then you do it anyway, then you have nothing to do with your own country and your own citizens. Then you are just wrong.

And certainly not when you are actively promoting immigration, such as Timmermans. That is why this man is so perilous. He is in no way inferior to the propagandists of the Nazis in WWII, however politically incorrect that may sound. The man is even in the Donald Duck!

It is important for them that they have the people behind them. That always worked quite easily before the internet came, but it is getting harder and harder for them. Now we have come to a point where things are going the other way and so they are making every effort to change that public opinion.

The most bizarre phenomena occur. Greta Thunberg, the climate religion, the "racism" problem of white people, you name it all. Everything to be able to continue that migration flow and to push the climate plans through. Everything for ultimate control over the citizens from a central power in Brussels.

The media must introduce us to a world view that is absolutely not in line with reality.

The problem for these thoroughly bad people is that citizens wake up. We have internet and all information is available to everyone. And they will never stop that change of public opinion again. It arises because people become smarter and better informed and that will only grow.

The result is this absurd situation in which politicians panic and spread the most bizarre lies, perform witch hunts and hysterically surround themselves with the most bizarre measures. What makes it even more hilarious is that they often do not realize that the average citizen has a more correct worldview than themselves.

But hilarious or not. These people are, all of them, crazy, bad and dangerous. And that is why we have to take the streets en masse on 18 December!

Let's hope we get a second Nuremberg trial in the near future. These leaders are responsible for many victims who have fallen as a result of immigration.

And that has nothing to do with racism. Every Dutch person will want to help those in need. It is about the destructive behavior of a certain group of people who come here as fortune seekers. Almost all men. And massive!

The Netherlands is waking up… but it must be faster!

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