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Nigel Farage accuses Tories of corruption

Only 22 days to go and then there will be elections in Great Britain. And so it's campaign time!

But in addition to standard mud throwing, Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party comes with serious accusations towards the Johnson team. Farage says the Tories are corrupt.

According to Farage, the fact is that the Boris Johnson team offered candidates from the Brexit Party a government job if they were to withdraw. (source)

Nigel says he and at least 7 other candidates were offered “peerages” in exchange for their withdrawal. A number of candidates were even offered a job in the government.

Farage claims that Johnson Sir Eddie Lister's advisor contacted the Brexit Party candidate in Peterborough and has offered a job in higher education. In return, he had to withdraw.

Boris Johnson responds to the allegations and admits that there have been talks between the Tories and the Brexit Party. He strongly denies that jobs have been offered in exchange for withdrawal.

One of the people who was offered such a job is Ann Widdecombe. Ann was previously a Tory minister but is now a candidate for the Brexit Party in Plymouth and Devonport.

She was offered an important role in the next phase of the Brexit.

Widdecombe: "I would swear on the Bible that this happened!"

farage: “Fact number one: You can agree with Ann's vision or not, but this woman is honest. No one will argue with this: "

and Farage continued:

“Fact number two: Sir Eddie Lister called our Petersborough candidate and offered him a job in higher education."

“This is corruption! It is corruption! ” said Nigel Farage.

He refused to go into the question whether senior Tories should go to jail when the claims prove to be true.

"I think this shows how rotten and broken our politics have become and why major changes are needed."

The allegations against the Tories about the titles offered are being investigated by the Metropolitan Police. They assess whether there is evidence of electoral fraud and whether the bribery laws have been broken.

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Do you want to know who the fantastic Ann Widdecombe is?

Then view this wonderful speech by 72-year-old Ann Widdecombe about Snowflakes, totalitarian and censorship.





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