They have always been a lot more extreme than the average Brabant farmer, the protesters of Farmers Defense Force.

A big boost this time: threatening language in an open letter. It states that several farmers were secretly present at the protest by animal rights activists against meat processor Vion in Boxtel. And they had a clear job. The protesters who were protesting think the company should close because of corona contamination among the staff. They also find slaughter pathetic for the animals. FDF will let you know in the open letter that their members were present 'undercover' Information to gather about the activists.

And they suggest that they FOLLOWED protesters HOME.

FDF calls to share information about animal rights activists in their facebook group. Dozens of photos of cars and license plates have now been posted there. Critics speak of a witch hunt. FDF says not to do anything wrong. Mark van den Oever of FDF says he has no regrets at all and thinks it is a good initiative. He rejects the accusation that he nails people to the digital pillory: it is just sharing information !! Just as good as the media does !! According to the prosecution it is on the edge. But sharing photos of cars and license plates is not punishable. The possible violation of portrait rights is another story. Farmers Defense Force was founded more than a year ago, in response to acts of terrorism by animal activists who, for example, occupied a pigsty in Boxtel for hours without the police sticking a leg out. Pig farmers saw their free-range pigs almost go up in smoke due to arson and the Animal Liberation front also burned down a 'goose killer' company. Farms have been defaced for decades and incendiary bombs are thrown into stables as if it were the most normal thing in the world. An assassination attempt on humans, animals and goods by radicals! Fighting is part of the DNA of the action group, which traveled to The Hague and the provincial house in Den Bosch with tractors. FDF joined the Landbouw Collectief as a party in meetings with Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Schouten, among others. Partly due to the 'hard style' of Farmers, that collective fell apart at the beginning of this month: 'That's okay freedom yes, especially in the field of action, 'says foreman Van den Oever. 'We no longer need to consult and coordinate with 13 parties.'

The open letter from FDF also states that the farmers intend to keep the activists COMPANY and that they will soon have to answer to the farmers.

Van den Oever thinks that the vegetarian activists behaved above expectations during last Friday's protest. That was also the reason that his 'fighters' did not visibly intervene. Van den Oever applauds the fact that they were secretly there to capture and follow demonstrators:

'I don't think it's going too far, they just have to get used to it. Those people want to block our sales chain. So they are our opponents! '

Van den Oever ranks the demonstrators at Vion among the same activists he had dealt with before: 'They occupy our stables, set our cars on fire. And the POLICE DOES NOTHING. This seems like a great method to do something about it yourself. We must ARM WITH INFORMATION. And if you just stay at home, you won't get publicity either. ' The fascists are now being tackled with their own weapons, doxxes and threats by Mark van den Oever and his men. Worldwide Worden slaughterhouses closed. Governments are going completely Stalin on the meat processing industry! And then we are forced to go to Bill Gates with his lab meat.

So farmers take that finger out of those cows and come and help us at the Malieveld !!

Because the next step in the script will be, after taking our grandfathers and grandmothers away from our food, and then we are much further away from home !! source

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