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Farmers set up political party: the BOERBURGER MOVEMENT

They will register as a party for the elections of March 17, 2021.

The slogan is: BoerBurger Movement, Be Good, Tell and Connect.

These farmers have been active with BoerBurgerTweet on Facebook since 2007. They have for years thought that the negative framing of farmers should stop.

The party is based on eight pillars. Including: honest food, healthy animals, healthy soil, healthy people.

The three spearheads that result from this are:

    For example, tackling activists who raid farms. It must be possible to take more decisive action against these raids.
    Food education, for example, must form a fixed part of primary education. Children must learn about the value of food and that food is anything but self-evident.
    The cartel must be broken. Anything that the farmer invests beyond his control in his product must receive more appreciation or a better price for it.

We will first register as a political party and then we will work out our election program well.

We also need to look for people who want to cooperate within our party and who then appear on our list.

The motivation must be intrinsic. BoerBurgerBeweging is not looking for people who are only after a well-paid job in The Hague.

Femke Wiersma, known as a farmer from a television program 'Farmer seeks wife', is seen by many as the ideal candidate to shine on the list, whether or not as a party leader.

She is a potential candidate, but anyone who cares about farmers, citizens and people outside the country can come and register.

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