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Buckle up for The End Game

Buckle up for The End Game

By S. de Roon

What the corona crisis has taught us: will continue in the coming years The End Game occur. Within months or years, the financial system is going to collapse and there will be a battle Good against Evil play, Central Banks and the Pharmaceutical Industry against The People.

In two ways a form of mind control has been taking place for centuries by the rulers: the first way is divide and conquer, the second way is to spread fear.

An example of the divide and conquer technique is mixing of population groups for years, combined with stirring up conflicts around race and religion. If you follow the flows of money, it appears that Soros responds to this by on the one hand stimulating immigration with his open border foundation and on the other hand evoking mutual hatred and conflict by financing Antifa, Black Life Matters and Kick Out Zwarte Piet. (1)

To zoom in on a small example of how this happens in the media, you have to watch the broadcast of Veronica Inside by Johan Derksen with his joke about Akwasi. Several people are portrayed opposite Johan Derksen in a talk show, all of whom pretend there was serious racism. By having a majority express the same opinion, it seems that they also represent the opinion of the Dutch people. In reality, of course, that is not the case. In reality, 90% of people think word artist Akwasi has a huge cock that you can joke about. (2)

The second way of mind control is by invoking fear of something invisible, such as terrorism, climate change and viruses. Under the emotion of fear, the mind is malleable and serious privacy-violating measures can be implemented en masse. That is why 09-11 has been staged, climate change is being forced on and now virus fears are also being addressed. All three concern risks that are smaller than a fatal car accident, but under fear and through much repetition in the minds of the population is talked into and instilled as great risks.

09-11 was impressive, no terrorism, but well designed. In history, 100 skyscrapers worldwide have been on fire, of which only 3 have collapsed, all three in New York. Even though it is almost impossible to imagine how this complex scenario was executed and how many people have to keep it secret, this is still more likely than a physically impossible phenomenon of 3 skyscrapers collapsing in this way due to a fire. (3)

The fear of Global Warming has been pumped into it for years with endless repetition of emotional images of skinny polar bears, pale coral, tornadoes, forest fires, climate refugees, falling walruses, you name it. None of the above examples are based on any scientific evidence, but such images work great in evoking emotion and therefore mind control. Anyone who has taken the trouble to delve into the subject and can do some math, knows that climate change is not only grossly exaggerated, but also that you cannot achieve a significant CO2 reduction with wind turbines and electric cars. (4-5)

The investment in climate fear was enormous, it consisted of years of financing and bribing IPCC, journalists and setting up NGOs. The profit of the elite will have to come from the CO2 tax, estimated at 90 thousand billion until 2030, which will have to be coughed up by the people.

An example that climate madness is more planned than you think is the RES, the Regional Energy Strategy. These kinds of regions are harder to grab and difficult to protest or litigate against. Hence, the energy regions are not simply associated with municipalities or provinces. It seems like something typically Dutch, but this is being rolled out worldwide as part of the 2030 agenda. (6)

Everyday vaccines are another example of an earnings model out of fear. The pharmaceutical industry mainly makes a profit from medicines that can be administered to large groups. They don't care if the disease actually exists or if the solution is worse than the disease. Vaccines have been in the hands of the Rockefeller Foundation since the early 1900s (7). Vaccines are always touted as safe by purchased journalists, but studies showing vaccine safety are lacking (8). (For medical professionals: good luck searching your pubmed archive for placebo vs vaccine studies) The safety of vaccines has been investigated to date by comparing a vaccine A with a vaccine B. Studies comparing vaccines with placebo are lacking. A recent study comparing placebo vs vaccine was acutely banned. (9-10)

The elections in America also made it clear in one fell swoop how corrupt elections and the media are. More than $ 400.000.000 has been invested by Zuckerberg to influence and corrupt swing states. The MSM remained silent. The narrative is always the same: Trump bad, Obama and Biden good. This while Obama has started 7 wars and Trump zero and Biden is being corrupted by China and Russia (11) If we are not allowed to vote manually in the Netherlands on March 17, we will be, just like America, on the hook and a communist dictatorship is inevitable.

One thing the 2020 corona crisis has taught us is how widespread and organized the global mafia is. Anyone who takes a sober look at science will see that it is a not very lethal virus, the PCR test is unreliable, effective treatments are blocked by YouTube and are counterproductive by the medical journals and lockdowns, but are applied worldwide. The chronology of the events indicates that there is a planned course. Consider event 201, the Drosten-Koopmans PCR article in January and the financial link between Bill Gates, WHO, John Hopkins, Imperial College and the analogy with the swine flu. For a sober person, not under the influence of mind control, it is perfectly obvious: it is a completely planned deception.

So the fact is that there is a global organized mafia capable of a global scam with the same parallel approach to almost all governments and all media worldwide. This makes it clear at once that we are not run by our governments, but by a world government above it. Who exactly these are and how they do it is becoming increasingly clear. If you follow the money flows, the same names will always appear. (12)

More and more information is emerging about how power takes place, namely through extortion and corruption. Extensive use is made of a kind of blackmail, sometimes mutual. This happens because the elite have incriminating information about each other. Epstein was an example of an insignificant teacher who was made a millionaire by the elite to play the role of a pimp, after which he was able to make blackmail movies. You see the same with the images from Hunter Biden's laptop or the bizarre rituals in Bohemian Grove or Skull and Bones. (13) There are persistent rumors that a similar situation is occurring in the Netherlands, for example with Demmink and Wabeke. This also explains why Demmink is involved in all kinds of strange cases, such as the Baybasin case. (14) Another example is the profiteering policies in which Wabeke was involved.

Besides blackmail you also have corruption. In the Netherlands, corruption no longer takes place under the table with a bag of money, but in a more semi-legal and covert manner. For example, we know that most development money gets stuck on a bow somewhere along the way. Within the Netherlands, many billions are spent on climate money and the reintegration of the unemployed. (15-16) Both demonstrably wasted money, but a handy pot of money for civil servants to be able to take out a good grab from time to time.

So our governments are driven by blackmail and corruption. The second room is full of front men, actors, who are told at the beginning of the week about the subjects they have to do a play about, such as Zwarte Piet, an escaped TBS-er or some other minor problem. You will never see a discussion where people listen to each other, only monologues from narcissists. The future career promises on the job carousel is a form of long-term corruption. Dutiful NSB members can make a career in this way and this explains that nothing-able but charismatic HAVO clients such as Jesse Klaver and Henk Kamp can still be appointed as ministers after a media course. (17)

Because of this daily drama about irrelevant matters, really important matters remain out of sight, such as the abolition of the referendum, the guarantee for all banks throughout Europe by Rutte and the establishment of energy regions (RES). Due to this lack of transparency about essential matters and the cooperation of the media, it can happen that we like frogs in a boiling pan let ourselves be robbed en masse and lead to a dictatorship.

The media must cooperate in this and they do. Most newspapers faithfully cover the same irrelevant front-page topics as politics. Many journalists consciously participate in this fraud, the more useful idiots even do it unknowingly. For journalism in the Netherlands the following applies: a journalist who does not follow the prescribed policy twice will be fired; for him 2 others. Mafia policy can easily be prescribed, because all media are in the hands of the same elite. For example, all newspapers are owned by 10 Belgians, who also have close ties with the EU. Gert-Jaap Hoekman of also receives a personal mention, he is the Himmler of the media who is the most shamelessly able to rape the truth with endless state propaganda.

The greatest fraud ever, however, is the money system. America is in the hands of the FED, Europe in the hands of the ECB. In practice, the ECB is an amalgamation of 19 private banks, where the same people are still in charge. They create money out of nothing, we pay the interest. They benefit from debt and thus benefit from investment; Preferably useful investments but also useless investments such as crises and wars are welcome. If the interest, and with it the capital, ends up with a small elite and does not spend it, too little money will remain in circulation to pay the interest, which means that more borrowing will have to be made. Mathematically, there are 2 options: either the population and the economy continue to grow endlessly, or you have to write off a debt with some regularity, such as Greece. Obviously paid by us, the taxpayer. Meanwhile, the system has gotten too far out of control and will have to collapse. That will soon happen and a period of chaos awaits us. Before the corona crisis, the system was already coming to an end, many banks were already about to collapse. More and more money was printed and debts got higher and higher. Land, real estate and equities inflation was already out of control before 2020. After a year of printing money because of the useless lockdowns, this will in the short term lead to the collapse of the money system. A systemic crisis could lead to massive bankruptcies and years of litigation complicated by massive inflation. Our corrupt governments will be asked to intervene, requiring revaluations of debt, real estate, stocks, banks, etc. At the bottom of the line, the solution will likely be more of the same; the people must bleed, the elite are getting richer. The elite has now bought half the world with borrowed money. So their debt will soon be reorganized, so that they have property but no debts. In this process, a digital money system will also be introduced in advance or afterwards.

With digital money it is easier to revaluate, but mass surveillance will also be better. Combine the vaccine passport, a digital money system, a behavioral app and 5G and we have a global dictatorship that cannot be escaped from. All this will be embedded in The Great Reset, co-enforced by the World Economic Forum.

Covid 19 will be used as an excuse. "The system has collapsed as a result of the corona crisis." will be the assertion. The big question, however, is whether they will be able to maintain this excuse. The number of people waking up is increasing exponentially. More and more people are starting to realize that we have lived in The Matrix, as shown above. Thanks to the internet, insiders have already started to hear rumors about how the world really works, such as the interview with Roland Bernard, banker of the underworld. (18) The year 2020 was the year of realizing that many rumors turned out to be true and that Bernard was absolutely right and we are being cheated on a large scale. The conclusion is inevitable, that we, the people, were the dairy cows that were being milked out without us knowing.

However, the fraud surrounding the corona crisis is so great and so obvious that the chance that the fraud will come true is considerable, perhaps even inevitable. Even the biggest idiot seems to find the measures a bit exaggerated. This idiot will also realize that he has been cheated and will realize that an extreme price has been paid for a virus with the lethality of a severe flu. Especially when this idiot “will own nothing” as the WEF plan is.

This means that if this realization gets through to enough people, there is a great risk of a mass uprising against the ruling powers. Not only the Ruttes in the world are being tackled en masse, but also the layer above. Such a revolt of awakened people could lead to the elites losing the power they held.

The elite, however, are not stupid, as can be seen from how 09-11 and the corona hoax was set up. In the case of any fraud, they will consider in advance whether the fraud can come true and lead to a loss of power. This risk has of course also been weighed up in the case of corona fraud. This means that we are now at the stage that we can make a number of speculations or analyzes:

  1. Using the vaccines and the cotton swabs from the PCR tests, they may be injecting an agent that will allow them to gain total power. Maybe there is some kind of death switch in it, who knows. The enormous pressure to administer vaccines and to stuff cotton buds deep in the nose is getting scary; you can almost see the all-or-nothing despair of Hugo de Jonge in his bloodshot cocaine eyes. There are, however, some arguments against this analysis. For example, it is unlikely that they want to wipe out their entire dairy herd, all of humanity, in one fell swoop. This means they have also lost their earnings model, as long as the robots cannot yet take over everything.
  2. The elite may bet that such a major financial crisis will occur in the short term, the impact of which is so severe that it requires all our attention. Instead of a fictitious virus problem, the masses suddenly have a real problem. The media will also help to divert attention. By the time the financial crisis is over, the corona crisis has been forgotten and only speculation on the Internet remains, similar to speculation about the attack on Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK and 09-11 conspiracy theories. The awakened remain a small group and quietly in the background, like atheists in Mecca.
  3. The elite may have known earlier from mega-data analysis that too many people were waking up. An all or nothing scenario now had to take place and a great risk had to be taken with the corona crisis and The Great Reset. They went all in with the corona crisis, hoping to end in an absolute worldwide dictatorship, after which “restistance will be futile”.
  4. The elite may have overplayed their hand, like a sorcerer's apprentice overestimating their skill. For centuries, the elite got away with deceptions like 09-11 scams, climate change and useless vaccines. They may have become overconfident because of this. The elite may have become too distant from the people, isolated in their billionaire bunkers. They do not realize that a population that now consists of 7 billion pigeons can turn into 7 billion raging hawks. If there is enough at stake and we have been harassed and exploited for a long time, peaceful citizens will also turn into revolutionaries, dragging the Zückerbergs and Bill Gates of this world out of their palaces with raised smells. That such an uprising is difficult for the elite to predict, is evident from revolutions from the past in which suddenly the entire people turned out to be able to rise en masse.


Things will become clearer in the coming years. It is difficult to predict whether it will turn for the better or for the worse. That also depends on you and how many people you can wake up. These are the potential scenario 4 soldiers. The more people are awake, the more we can make a fist and we can flock to The Hague to give Rutte and de Jonge what they deserve. We are not talking about a medal here.

At this stage it is still completely unpredictable how it will end. What is predictable is that it will be a wild ride in the coming years, left or right, so tighten the straps already.


  7. Revolution through fault, Rein de Vries.



Wind force 15




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