Father Altier - Coronavirus: The Truth Revealed

Religious or not, the sermon is extremely relevant.


Robert Altier, a priest from Minnesota, said in a sermon Sunday that COVID-19 was made by humans and released to the public to make people sick.

But this is just what the media is reporting on this sermon, which has attacked this priest in full force. It goes much deeper. This priest goes into much more detail about this biggest scam of all time. And the media cannot appreciate that.

'We have been lied to. A lot has been lied to us ”began Rev. Robert Altier of the Church of St. Raphael in Crystal, Minnesota.
The priest spoke about the corona virus for almost 20 minutes and lashes out at the total madness surrounding the corona virus.

Altier said the virus has evolved and its effects have been blown out of proportion.

"It is time we started to see that we are being lied to", he claimed.
"The work had started in a lab in North Carolina, then they shipped it to China to finish the job, and then it was released so that people would get sick."

In his sermon, he says he wouldn't trust a possible COVID-19 vaccine and there is only one way to give it to him:
"If they arrest me, stop me and force it on me."

It's up to you to judge.


A sermon that will stay with everyone. Religious or not.

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