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Fear instead of democracy.

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Fear rules, pure fear.

While we are undemocratically thrown into a lockdown out of fear, burdened by a policy based on accumulated minority views and are officially led by a head of state who is allowed to play our king through a neo-medieval custom, something is happening over there in a world power that in its entirety is still has drifted beyond what we here knowingly and knowingly continue to call democracy.

The US has only 2 parties. If you have to choose there, you support everything that a person with a lot of money stands for. The winner is the face, mouthpiece and turn signal of the party. So is the party on its own. (Nanci Pelosi just proved it) The loser is also the party, but then of the losers. So everything that wanted to change or strengthen will not happen. Apparently that is also democracy. And the president is settled after 4 years.
De Telegraaf noted some minuses and pluses regarding Trump, with a brief explanation per point.

The 9 minuses in a row: The Divider, The Liar, The Denier, Migrant Children (Mexican Wall), Environment, Human Rights, Alienation, No Mask and Russiangate.

The 9 plus points: Islamic State, Relaxation Middle East, Liquidation Soleimani, Tackling China, No wars, Economic success, Voting gun, Own salary donated for 4 years and Medicines (approach to pharmaceutical giants).

Judge for yourself if the Telegraaf in particular comes up with such a list. And then they forgot to mention from the Telegraaf that Trump is on the heels of the globalist elite and the porn networks.
But not a rudimentary form of democracy prevails in America. No, just the fear.

The Democrats (why that name?) Want to start an impeachment for the last 10 days to blow Trump away. With Nancy Pelosi perky tossing ahead of the troops, one of the fearful arguments: Trump could well hit the nuclear button in his last days. And that while a not insignificant advantage of the Telegraaf shows that Trump has not started a war or armed conflict in 4 years and withdrew rather than sent out troops. Who would just like to destroy a country nuclear? Which country on earth / allahs name? Luxembourg, Monaco, or at least the Vatican: the source of a lot of evil. (Crusades, Inquisition and child abuse on a very large scale, to name just 3) I will leave aside all the shadows, conspiracies and crimes of the Jesuits for a moment. Perhaps more can be reported about this after January 20.

The fear is huge, even the social media censor themselves a covid infection and flicker on black already a lot. And not just because of the language of one user: Donald Trump!

Rients Hofstra


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