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Felled by covid… ..

Headed the telegraph.

(Just a light note, dear Readers. Otherwise it would make us even more depressed)

It turns out to be Frans Bauer and his wife Mariska.

'Oh how bad', people will think. 'I don't really know anyone who was struck down by Covid, but now, poor Frans. And his wife too '.

I always get very suspicious of these kinds of messages. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I imagine the following here:

Ring ring (or whatever ringtone):

F (rans): Hello with French

R (ocket): Hey French, with Davy from Rocket

F: Hey Deef, how are you.

R: Very well and with you?

F: Yes, nice. All the hustle and bustle is now over and I enjoy going out for a while with Maris.

R: Well, I'm actually calling you about that. Do you want to earn 25.000 euros?

F: Yes, always, what do I have to do for that?

R: Not much, but stay home for a while.

F: Well, I don't know. We were just going for a nice trip.

R: Listen French. The government offers you 25.000 euros if you declare that you have been struck down by Covid. It is necessary that well-known Dutch people let it know that they have covid, so that people continue to believe in it. The point is that you must of course stay indoors and not be able to travel. People will recognize you differently, take pictures and then we will fall through the basket and the money will have to be returned.

F: That's easy to earn, haha. But Maris will get mad at me if we can't leave.

R: Yes, you have to know for yourself Frans.

F: I have an idea! If we say that we have very mild complaints, then we can still go on a trip in about 3 days.

R: I think so too. In about 3 days everyone will have forgotten it anyway.

F: Well, arrange that. Can we book an extra nice hotel room?

R: Ok, but you have to post a photo on your instagram.

F: Is good, I do, together with Maris, then it still seems more real.


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