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A fighting crew for Freedom: 070 against Antifa and a meter and a half of society.

Combined with Hague bluff through passion, battle and practice.

Hundreds of football supporters came hand in hand as comrades this Sunday to the Square in The Hague to protect the statue of William of Orange from Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

They also protested the overheid and the imposed corona restrictions.

According to John Remmerswaal, one of the initiators of the action, the protesters by defending statues want to make a 'statement':

'Because it just seems that if you are white, you are immediately a racist. Suddenly we have to too ashamed for people like Piet Hein, and you are a racist if you are for Zwarte Piet. But my friends and neighbors are black and even my family. I really don't understand why they do this. '

The protest becomes breed behave.
At the demonstration in The Hague were not only football supporters, but also people from the hospitality and other sectors in society.

'Why are images of historical Dutch people suddenly being attacked !!'

'It is normal history. It's the same as saying to a Dane or Swede, "You have to apologize to the English for looting them."

"Piet Hein was already dead when slavery started," said John Remmerswaal.

'We just want ours traditions preserve. Everyone is here welcome, but adapt. '

"If you don't feel like celebrating Zwarte Piet, then you don't, do you ?!"

Among the attendees were also hooligans from Rotterdam and other cities: 'You'll never walk alone'

"More such actions will follow in the near future," John announces.

PEC Zwolle and SC Cambuur preceded John Remmerswaal and his men.
And several Polish Dutchmen from different Dutch clubs also protected several monuments in Breda this weekend for Antifa equipment.

Dutch Hooligan Scene


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