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Feyenoord and GAE supporters: “Hugo, sit and shut up” – UPDATE: hugo is angry!

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Hugo was told yesterday by tens of thousands of people what they think of him. As a proud statesman you don't let that just pass you by.

He himself does not want to report anything live, so he immediately called his friends from the AD, stamping his feet.

The AD mainly did the talking for him. Hugo de Jonge's only quote was: “That hustling together must be over”.

That is why standing stands must be closed, and season ticket holders must also be better distributed. Mayors will consult with the professional clubs in their region tomorrow. (source)

I would say: Never give up again, but seek mutual support! With other clubs. You're in the same boat. Make normal what is normal. Don't be squeaked. Don't let your life be taken away. Those clubs are your life. Without violence but with a lot of people you can force people to do something. The people are the boss. We just have to realize it.

Football fans, keep your butt on the seat!

Last Friday, Hugo de Jonge issued a warning to football supporters in general.

He threatened his subjects in the stadiums that the corona rules would be tightened if the klootjesvolk did not sit neatly in their seats.

Also, they shouldn't have too much fun. You can still laugh. But not singing, partying and hustling. That is out of the question because then the dangerous animals wake up and they also jump and rush. And yes, then you get hordes of infections again of course. Dangerous.

You may be close together, but a third of the stadium must remain empty. What logic is behind that? Don't ask questions. This is just because it has to be. There is a dangerous virus. Don't undermine that. You belong to the people and not to the elite club. You have to believe and follow what the great men from The Hague tell you. Because they know.

the young one:

“It should be better this coming weekend than it was last weekends”, referring to the packed squares in the stadiums and the jumping and partying fans.

“If people do not just sit, and the stadiums are not filled for a maximum of two thirds, that may be a reason to tighten the measures again.”

And children: “Two thirds of the stadium may be used and it has been installed. That means sitting with your butt on a chair. We really want to see that better this weekend than last time." says hugotje.

We will never forget what he did to the people, but this folk clown delivers hilarious scenes “along the way” towards his downfall as a person and as a politician.

Because what does the man do? He will sit quietly in a full cockpit on Sunday.

You must have a huge record in front of your head if you don't realize that everyone is throwing you up there. Or you should enjoy it, that is also possible of course.

There was hugo then. Between tens of thousands of people who would like to throw it into the Rhine. With stones on his expensive shoes.

The Feyenoord and GoAheadEagles supporters had a message for hugo. A large banner read the message for our minister: “Hugo, sit and shut up”.

To reinforce the message, both the Feyenoord supporters and GoAheadEagles supporters chanted back and forth that hugo should shut up.



The message was also clear to the super farmers of De Graafschap: “Sitting is not an option!”



You know this is going to be shit again and people will call it childish. But boy, what the hell are we talking about? And it's another sign that people are sick and tired of these clowns.

Keep your back straight against those idlers and now stop with that useless testing so that Hugo no longer has any nonsense figures.

De Telegraaf who took it VERY seriously: “The spokesperson is not yet able to comment on the events of this weekend. The relevant ministers will meet again on Monday to discuss corona, which will also include the situation in the football stadiums,”(source)

Also from the Telegraph: In recent days, the culture, events and catering sector has protested against the corona measures currently in force. The interest groups have great difficulty with the fact that thousands of people are allowed to gather in football stadiums.”

New! You'll never get out of it because we keep making rules that are based on nothing. ALL corona rules must be lifted in ALL sectors and earlier you should not rest as a people. As one sector, you will not jealously attack another sector. You stand together for complete elimination of this idiocy. There is no basis for these measures, so don't give them. Otherwise you play into their hands again.

Spread the freedom!

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