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Finance Minister Schaefer commits SUICIDE

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In Germany, the finance minister of the state of Hesse put an end to his life.

At least that reports the police.

Thomas Schaefer (54) was found dead on Saturday next to the train track near Frankfurt.

Hesse governor Volker Bouvier said Schaefer had succumbed to the pressure. Schaefer is said to have worried too much about Germans suffering from the corona virus and the economic disaster that is imminent.

Thomas Schaefer (54)


'He's been working day and night since the pandemic outbreak.', said Bouvier. "He was afraid he wouldn't be able to live up to expectations."

Thomas Schaefer was the CDU (Christlich Democratic Union) Minister of Finance in Hesse for ten years. He also had jurisdiction in Frankfurt. Germany's financial artery. Deutsche Bank is also located in Hesse.

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