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Christian bashing: Burned at ancient CHRISTIAN MONASTERY in Turkey

On Saturday, August 8, a severe fire raged on the grounds of the Christian monastery Deyrulzafaran in the southeastern Turkish province of Mardin.

While the fire was being put out, local residents found burnt bodies of various animals. More than a hundred precious trees were destroyed in the fire. Eyewitnesses say the fire was caused by four people and that it was about sabotage went.

Dikran Egoo, President of Assyria TV spoke to the locals:

'Eyewitnesses say the fire was sabotage. A fire broke out in the grounds of the Deyrulzafaran Monastery, which is in the 5e century was built and is located 4 kilometers from the city of Mardin. '

The president of the monastery explains:

'Our gardeners saw a car. The vehicle drove in the direction where the fire started.

When the vehicle returned, the men saw smoke and fire. I wanted to chase them but the fire spread very quickly. '

'There were 20 to 30 year old pine trees among them. Two cats that lived in the garden of the monastery had just given birth and had around 15 kittens, unfortunately burned them all. It was very painful for us to find them burned, 'Afrem Johannes, president of the monastery Deyrulzafaran, told Russian state news media Sputnik Türkiye.

On the evening of July 24, a heavy fire already raged in the Christian village Hessana in southeastern Turkey.

Several houses burned out and many fruit trees were destroyed.

Last year fires caused serious damage zes Christian villages in the Turkish province of Mardin, including the ancient Hananyo Monastery was hit.

Today in southeastern Turkey, only a fraction of the many Christians who once stood there remain.

The latter Christians are now victims of harassment, violence or sabotage, and blind, deaf or hostile government over and over again.

De last Christians from the village of Kovankaya in southeastern Turkey were kidnapped in January by unknown persons.

The woman was found on March 20, covered in snow and ice. Murdered.

Her body was in a canal. The man still is without a trace.

According to Christian activists, the Turkish government is seeking living proof of the centuries-long presence of Christians in the Middle East to erase.



Christians kidnapped and murdered in Turkey

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