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Fire brigade trapped and torn down by Immigrants

French firefighters and police officers in the Parisian neighborhood Champigny-sur-Marne were attacked at the beginning of this week by a gang of young immigrants. They hurled projectiles and mortars to the rescuers.

This happened on Tuesday early in the morning when a gang of 15 masked immigrants deliberately set a trash can in the fire to lure the firefighters into the trap and attack.

When the police arrived they saw the firemen being attacked, both physically and with mortars and other projectiles. 

"It was really a trap that was set up," one of the police told me.

The police did not impress the immigrants and they too were pelted with mortars and other objects.

Eventually, the police got things under control and they could Arrest 3 underage immigrants. They have been held on the desk for a while but are already free again.

This is no longer strange in today's Paris. People see it and just walk past it. Attacks such as these take place daily. For immigrants, emergency responders and firefighters are the favorite targets of this cowardly corridor.


In September, 2 similar attacks were carried out in 3 weeks, where police and fire brigades were targeted by immigrants with mortars, Molotov cocktails and stones.


Last week, firefighters demonstrated in the streets of Paris to express their concerns about their dangerous situation.

The protests ended in riots between the fire department and the police.

This is the world of globalists in 2019. One should not think about what it would look like in 2029 if the citizen did not deal very quickly with these perilous politicians. And then there is still a lot of work to be done to tackle this rig very hard and to expel the country very quickly!



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