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Man killed by 7 young people. Two 17-year-old immigrants arrested.

A group of probably 7 men attacked a 49-year-old firefighter in the center of Augsburg during the Christmas market on Friday.

The fireman was on his way to the center with his wife and a friendly couple but were en route to the Königsplatz attacked by a group of probably 7 men. (source)

The perpetrators approached him and beat him several times. After the last fatal blow, the 7 men fled crime scene. The man was outside aware and died in the ambulance.

Following the camera images were two 17-year-old immigrants arrested as suspects of which one is the German, Turkish and Lebanese nationality. The other is also from non-western origin right away "Southern European Citizenship". (source) 

These two are being brought before the court.

The motive is also still unclear. The fireman's wife is still so upset that she cannot be interrogated but in InFranken, a local newspaper, the firefighter is said to have been a likely random victim. This happens more often in the region, according to witnesses who spoke to InFranken.

The local fire department was very excited. The team is a very close group. It is estimated that around 150 firefighters attended the memorial. This happened at the place where he was murdered. Candles were lit and flowers were laid.  (source)












While studying sources you also come across extreme-left hate speech blogs in Germany claiming that extreme right-wing neo-Nazis would be the perpetrators:

These kinds of blogs openly proclaim that they would prefer to wipe the entire AfD party off the map. Literally.

Many extreme leftist groups carry on a very large, dangerous and organized fight against everything that is not left and mainly the Alternativen für Deutschland. Violence is not shunned. Death threats either.

Last week was Christina Baum of the Alternatives for Germany threatened with death.

Don't you know the AfD as well?

Here an introduction video with Alice Weidel. The leader of the Alernativen:
But she is certainly not the only pearl in this party. Almost all 92 seats that the AfD has are occupied by very intelligent and eloquent people

It is sad with our neighbor. We must continue to show this so that it penetrates which way we are going.

Antifa beat up innocent woman in her own house

Germany is heavily burdened by mass immigration

But… No matter how they go on, and how difficult it is made for the Alternatives. This common sense party has since stolen the hearts of 25% of Germany. It won with flying colors 3 elections in a row and for the Bundestag elections they are in very good shape.

In Germany, people are finally taking to the streets to resist these crazy situations in our neighboring country, Germany.

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