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Florida - A place on earth without coronanons

Florida - A place on earth without corona nonsense

Two weeks ago, when the thermometer dropped and indoor eating was still prohibited in the city, New Yorkers continued to cling to the vestiges of their social life.

This article shows how many these ridiculous corona rules have affected people. We think something normal is a miracle. A utopia.

In Florida, it's like Covid19 doesn't exist. Florida common sense governor Ronald Dion DeSantis is a joy to listen to, and rumors have been made that he will become a Presidential candidate in 2024.

On East 60th Street, the once bustling patrons sat The Bilboquet huddled in open-air maps, wearing hats and scarves, nibbling Cajun chicken and drinking Bordeaux. One block higher, 10 tables at La Goulue's club struggled to share four stoves, while guests grabbed bowls of onion soup for extra warmth.

Monkey Bar del Ray / Palm Beach Jeffery Salter

But just a short flight away - in Tony Palm Beach, Florida, where La Goulue recently opened a second business that is a mirror image of his Manhattan business - all the tables and chairs at the bar are full. Bartenders laugh and live it out, there is no pandemic here.

"I escaped from New York!" Stated the owner of the bistro, Jean Denoyer. “We take everyone's temperature on arrival and keep the doors and windows open so that fresh air can circulate. ”

Le Bilboquet's owner, Philippe Delgrange, is also in Palm Beach, where he premiered the southern sister of his famous boîte this week.

Denoyer and Delgrange are among the hordes New Yorkers now enjoying life in Palm Beach County. While masks are mandatory in commercial establishments across the country (Biden), people are of course allowed to remove them while eating or drinking, and there are no specific rules for distances - so it's not uncommon to see bars full of densely packed maskless customers.

Some Northerners feel like they've landed in a parallel universe, with old friends and favorite meeting places that have been transported to a sunnier environment.

Le Bilboquet Palm Beach CAPEHART

Upper East Sider Joe Wagner, 63, arrived in South Florida in late January with plans to stay for two weeks, but decided to stay until March. He ate inside at La Goulue. “Sometimes I feel a bit unsafe. In New York I was housebound. But it seems so many people here are more relaxed because they already had COVID 'the real estate developer told The Post. “They say, 'Don't worry, I have the antibodies', and I say: "That's great, but can you back down a bit?" 

It shows how deep the indoctrination is in people who live under a fascist corona rule like us here in the Netherlands.

Indeed, Palm Beach County's COVID infection rates have soared to 7,57 percent this week. In New York, it has fallen to 5,08 percent from a high of more than 7 percent. But the flu is gone and not more people are dying than usual. Think logically.

Since February 12, New York restaurants have finally been allowed to welcome indoor diners with a 25 percent capacity, but the Palm Beach establishments are running at full speed.

New York's Café Boulud will be closed until the end of 2021, but its Palm Beach sibling has dinner parties mingling in the lushly landscaped courtyard. The Bice, Sant Ambroeus and Almond restaurants in New York all have locations on the island. Even the defunct Upper East Side watering hole Swifty's has been resurrected in Palm Beach.

While legendary spots in New York like 21 and Cipriani are haunted places, this week a chic Monkey Bar premiered at the new Opal Grand hotel in Palm Beach County, and New York restaurant group Host (Campagnola, Bill's Townhouse) unveiled a new Delray Beach , Fla., Steakhouse, Avalon, at the end of the month.

It's like a jailbreak!

It's hard to find an empty seat in one of the hot restaurants around. "I can't believe the amazing number of people here this year - it's like a jailbreak!" said John Lehmann, 59, who lives on the island and runs a sports marketing company.

'I feel alive again. I could move here for the rest of my life ”, said 47-year-old Erica Holzer, 47-year-old housewife from Long Island, on the ocean at Opal Grand, where she and her husband stay for eight weeks. “They take precautions, but they are not absurd. We went to the Monkey Bar and had a fantastic time. It's just so free to be here. ”

Swifty's Palm Beach CAPEHART

That feeling of freedom extends beyond restaurants. Fitness addicts can only do masked spin sessions with a virtual instructor in New York gyms, but SoulCycle now runs al-fresco classes on the green of the island's Royal Poinciana Plaza. It's next to an outpost of New York's Paul Labrecque salon, where patrons catch rays of the sun in the courtyard while their color sets and their nails dry.

Lincoln Center, Broadway, and Carnegie Hall are all murky, but live jazz performances have just been announced for later this month at the Kravis Center in West Palm.

'It's a relief to be here. It feels like we can finally breathe ”says Greenwich, Conn., event consultant Boo Huth, 60, who was in South Florida for nine days.

While the majority of those coming to the area from the New York area are undoubtedly privileged, cheap airfares and hotel stays offer a wider spectrum of visitors.

"The irony is that living in Florida is actually a third less expensive than living in New York - and younger people realize that," said 70-year-old Gene Pressman, a former Manhattanite whose family founded Barney's and who now lives in Palm Beach.

"Palm Beach used to be crowded with people in the upper city [Manhattan], but now the people from the inner city are here," added Pressman's wife, Christine, 48.

And after New York's shutdown, Palm Beach's social scene - and the lack of social distance in places - could be causing a culture shock among newcomers.

"People say it's like the Wild West here", says Todd Herbst, owner of Elisabetta's popular new Palm Beach restaurant. “They are amazed how open everything is here. It's as if COVID doesn't exist, but we require all staff to wear masks and we don't allow parties of more than 10 people. ”

This is not a government requirement in Florida.

LaGoulue Palm Beach CAPEHART

“I arrived here last week and it feels like a different world”, said Charles Rosenberg, a resident of Soho, who works in commercial real estate. The 30-year-old plans to stay in Palm Beach for a few weeks. "But I think when spring comes, New York will feel like that again."

Yes, those people who think that way are part of the problem. Especially if you know Governor Cuomo of New York.

Still, Upper East Sider Joe Wagner isn't ready to head north anytime soon.



“A friend of mine sent me a picture of himself in La Goulue, New York wearing a hat and two scarves and said his fingers were turning blue”Wagner said. "I sent him a picture of my pool."

Heartwarming and sad at the same time. What have they done to humanity. What was normal is now a miracle.

The Florida Governor is also the person who takes a hard line against the big tech:

Source and photos from article NYPost:

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