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Corona Flyer Promotion: Second edition

Spread the freedom!


This action is from Corona Relief and not from CSTV. Naturally, we always participate in these types of initiatives and are more than happy to draw attention to them.

In July and August, the 1st edition of corona flyers was distributed, to make people aware of what is going on around the corona virus. It was a big success. In a month and a half, 160.000 flyers were distributed.

The 2nd edition of flyers is now out.

He's actually been out for a few weeks, but publicity was delayed to handle the distribution. This flyer is also a great success.

In number, this 2nd edition is almost over the 1st, while it has only been running since the beginning of September.

Especially since last weekend things have been going fast. The flyer is widely shared on social media and various foundations also pay attention to it among their followers. There are also groups that make a pot and then order 5.000 or 10.000 flyers to supply their entire hometown with flyers. The flyer is really starting to become a phenomenon. Every now and then there are negative reactions, but in general there are a lot of nice positive reactions from people. There is a map of the Netherlands where the distribution is kept. There is also a top 20 of places where the most flyers have been distributed.

This time we are not doing a free promotion, the budget was exceeded. But for the first 100 orders we can offer a discount of € 5, - for every order from 500 pieces of flyers. When the number has been reached, it will be visible on the order form. The sales price of the flyers is based on cost price without profit margin.

Flyers can be ordered via the order form.

The flyers are an initiative of several concerned citizens with the cooperation of Corona Sobriety. The initiators would like to thank everyone who participated and participated in the flyer campaign. There will be a third edition in the course of October.

On behalf of CommonSenseTV: Good luck with this promotion and we hope that people will distribute flyers en masse. It functions!

Spread the freedom!

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