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WWII ended terribly for certain groups of people.

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It started much less terribly for these groups of people!

Step by step they were driven into the trap and eventually the train.

In the 2nd bedroom, those few MPs who still make an attempt to do something for the Dutch people, to stand up for (fundamental) rights, are immediately cut off by a large mob, as soon as they see the exclusion society we are pushed into. be compared with what happened in WW II. (well, without that comparison they're going to have their heads chopped off too)

I've already reported about it and I can't quite identify the differences from then (which I must say, only know from the stories and the photos) and the exclusion of now.

Take another look at the pictures and photos in this post:

There were other motives at the time to exclude people from participating in society, but does that mean that it is suddenly justified now?

Suppose it was reversed. That in 40-45 the people who wanted to take good care of their health and had not wanted an experimental poison syringe in their body, the syringes that were forced on them by the regimes, suppose that for that reason they were initially excluded for that reason, then in camps locked up and then massacred because they would be a danger to everyone else…..

And that now the Jews and the Gypsies would be labeled a danger to our society and should be excluded from participation in society.....


paternotte, chick and sjoerdsma and all you other dirty bedroom terrorists, then you would all think it was justified. Then you would bleat in the room that it is necessary to exclude the Jews and be just as indignant as we would compare it to the exclusion and extermination of those people who actually turned out to be not so dangerous at the time and afterwards, but simply didn't want to be part of a gene therapy poison syringe 'experiment'.

(I have often written about an experiment, but it is now becoming clear that it is not an experiment. It is just organized genocide)

At the time it also started with a measure here and a measure there. And we now know where all that ultimately led. Should we then walk the same path again without any problems and then see where we end up? When can the terrorists of cda, d666, vvd and cu sound the alarm?



When we're on the train? Or should we still keep our mouths shut?

At the time, most people on the train had no idea what was going to hang over their heads (no pun intended). We now know better what you are all capable of.


There has never been a war started by 'the people' in the history of mankind.

Always by the rulers. And that is no different now. War is not good for anything, just to learn lessons afterwards. And those retarded morons and morons who, with their fake indignation, thwart the substantive arguments of a few MPs who do take their task seriously, with their bullshit, should understand this once and for all.


Australia has now completely turned into a dictatorship. Austria and Scotland are currently working on it. As well as the Netherlands and Belgium.



The time to give this kind of media terrorists an injection has come!!!!!

Knack is by the way the most disgusting fake news pulp magazine in Belgium. A Belgian once said to me: “I don't want to wipe my ass with that leaf just yet. I'm afraid it will make my anus dumber!”


Oh and here, for your information, the words of our greatest traitor

(probably he can't help much because he comes from a family with a long tradition of robbery, stealing and treason). In his eyes, this is very normal behavior because he is not used to it, but that does not justify it in any way:




I came across this quote on the fckbk page of the much appreciated Valentina Israel (I removed the capital letters in the message myself):



Radicalization of hitler's antisemitism.

Against the background of revolution and violence, hItler's anti-Semitism takes increasingly radical forms. It is striking that he says he is not in favor of uncontrolled 'emotional' pogroms (outbursts of anti-Jewish violence). hI instead advocate an 'anti-Semitism of the mind'.

This must take legal forms and will eventually lead to the 'removal' of the Jews.

Compared as early as August 1920 hitler the Jews with germs. hI declare that you cannot fight a disease without destroying the causative agent. According to him, the influence of the Jews will never disappear without removing the perpetrator, the Jew, from our midst. Radical ideas pave the way for the mass murder of the Jews in the XNUMXs.



At the time, MPs in the Dutch parliament were silenced if they wanted to denounce Hitler's radical ideas.

"Shame, that shouldn't be discussed."

I don't know what period from the more distant past was then compared with, but there will also be a lot of things added.

But we are really dealing with terrorists who are in no way inferior to Adolf Hitler and his envoys. They also managed to deceive an entire nation with their lying talk. They also managed to push through a dictator's law with their lying talk. They also managed to create support for excluding groups of people because they would be 'dangerous to our health'.


The German people allowed it to happen at the time.

The difference from then is that it is now happening on a global scale and it is all being controlled from somewhere from a higher power. The difference is now that there are no powers that oppose this. There are no 'allies' coming to our rescue.

But also a difference with then is that everyone who goes along with this can no longer say in any way: I don't know what to do. Anyone uninformed now is an unbelievably idiotic stupid moron. Because everyone has access, 2 or 3 mouse clicks, to take in all the information there is. Not knowing is not want to know!!!!! You won't be able to hide behind anything later.



(and I don't have to explain to you again that this almost 2,5 million problems is a significant underreporting. You can multiply that by at least 5, but more likely by 10)


Our representatives should protect us.

Simply by observing, analyzing, realizing what is happening. Virtually all information is available and it is they who should absorb it, draw their conclusions and fight tooth and nail against these terrorist self-proclaimed dictators.

Most of the people seem to like it all.

Many of us may be able to eradicate them. But not all. And I have bad news for the stupid sheep: The slaughter among you is going to be much greater. The awake people know that the dictators only tell lies, only mean bad. We are on our guard. Unfortunately you don't… If you still really believe in all this nonsense….. If a few brain cells up there still don't start moving a bit….. What can we do for you then?


(translation: “Wait a minute, I have a feeling that something is not right”

“Shut up, you fool, you just have to do what's told. That's for your own good")

Make no mistake folks, Rutler and the bastard are not the creators of the plans.

they are the görrings and the Mengeles and I don't know what their family, those dirty dirty bastards from then, are all called. Order is order! In order to keep their jobs or I don't know much about the promises and bribes they have received, they now carry out their terrorist assignments. We now see the reincarnations of these kinds of mass murderers right in front of us. To be found every day on TV and on the internet with their propaganda, their lies, their deception and their criminal, terrorist actions.



I also want to talk about Pharisee gummers.

For almost 2 years he lied to us about everything. And now that his job is done, he is everywhere proclaiming that he didn't mean it all that way and that he didn't agree with it all. You should have been saying that all along. Now it's definitely your son who woke you up!

Do you know what you earn, you dirty dirty daddy?!?


Recently I posted on CSTV about the 6 phases of 'operation lockstep'.

We are now entering the 5th phase and part of that 5th phase is Martial Law. That means that the dictators will rule with the help of the army. The police force will not be big enough to keep the citizens, who at some point realize that they are just being cheated and cheated, the citizens who wake up, can stay in control with the state thugs any longer.



So they need the military.

Sjarles, an English traitor, boyfriend of 'our own' traitor and co-terrorist associated with Klaus Schwab's club, vomited a year and a half ago that they should now strike. This 'window of opportunity' to turn the world into a dictatorship is only open for a short time, he declared sometime in April (I think) last year. Unfortunately for us they have already stuck the crowbar between the window for a year and a half. That window is still open and they continue their terrorist actions.

sjarles recently made a comeback.

During the climate hysteria conference in Glasgow, he already announced that we can expect the army on the streets soon:



The message below is from a concerned citizen who lives in Curaçao and has contacts with soldiers stationed there.

I can't substantiate it substantively, but the message he brings fits the picture:


The time has come, military intervention

October 3, 2020 “Third military base on Curaçao”

I was denounced and they didn't know how many denials they had to write and show "evidence" themselves on the screen. No, Wacawa was not a third base and certainly not a FEMA camp!

November 15 2021

“The government will be taken over by the Dutch military. Martial Law will go into effect and FEMA camp will be operational.”

Here too people were turned upside down and everything was a lie.

Overlooking Wacawa and the daily day and night movements clearly visible, the Dutch belligerents who are currently landing on Curaçao Hato with bushes and are housed in the Wacawa camp! Whether it's day or night, it's a military vehicle ride up and down between town and Wacawa! We also see that it rarely concerns exercises that are normally announced!

So I went to ask my military acquaintances some questions over a delicious glass of beer. The most important question was: What are you doing here and why do you see new soldiers being added every day?

They started again with the trite story of Dutch exercises on our island before they are sent to warm countries where they supposedly provide humanitarian aid. Now, the latter I know from very close by Afghanistan and similar troops that it was not humanitarian aid but that people were regularly killed/tortured there! Something that is now coming out from statements from old-timers and the traumas they still have from it!

So I cut that off and a completely different story emerged.

I quote:

“The Dutch military does not train for war against other powers or for humanitarian aid elsewhere. The ever-growing group is here to take over the administration under Martial Law in both the Netherlands and the islands next year. Everything has already been mapped out and the entire plans have been worked out. That is what we are training for!”

They went on:

“It was you who described FEMA camp and we had to stop but the camp is coming and everything is ready. Unvaccinated people will be arrested if they continue to refuse the shot and be taken to the camp. We're taking over the governments, they've done their job. After taking over, it will be purified. Now I don't have to explain to you what to purify means and we are now being trained for that. Guys like you will be locked up under that Martial Law!

In the Netherlands, these training courses have also started and the realization of FEMA camps is in full swing! It was Australia that started one of the first military takeovers. The planning is that this will happen in mid/end of 2022. The islands will come under Dutch military rule via rapid actions!”

-End Quotes-

These brainwashed informants who also think they are doing good, because it can no longer be like this, were saying this very seriously! I finished my beer and for them the party went on!

According to information from some military personnel stationed in Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St Maarten, St Eustatius and Saba will fall under Martial Law and be controlled by military personnel next year! Then residents who refuse the jabs will be cleared and troublesome identities will be tortured under this Martial Law until they succumb. Just as, according to veterans, happened in Afghanistan and other places in the world under the Dutch flag!

It is no longer about a disease, it is about what they call “purifying” the population.

JH Baselmans




We have already completed 4 phases.

They are all announced in advance, published. We were always called fools and wappies and people just don't realize that they are swimming further and further into the trap. Thinking everything will be okay…


Another personal message from me to our readers and the writers of CSTV:

Yesterday I was completely broke. I had taken in too much information and let it sink in and I couldn't take it anymore. This morning I read many messages that (partly) helped me get back on track. Doos hit me in the face and I also received encouraging messages from many others. 😉

You are right. I do not give up. I keep looking up and figuring things out. I will continue to publish abuses. But it's up to all of you to keep trying to spread the real news, the real facts. No matter how difficult that is sometimes. The resistance must grow. We are now only a few ten thousand. That should be many hundreds of thousands or maybe even a few million. One by one we have to try to wake people up. They keep lying, we keep revealing.


A good friend of mine has (unfortunately) 2 syringes in his body. I couldn't stop him from doing that. But he is sick now. Just flu. Little fever, pale and a lot of coughing. Be sure that if he gets a cotton swab shoved up his nose, he tests 'positive'. Yesterday we were in a bar, he with a cup of tea and I with a glass of wine. We don't often talk about all the nonsense of the dictators, but yesterday I did explain to him the situation that he can go to the disco with his 2 injections and the flu in his body and I, perfectly healthy but without a poison syringe, can't go in .

For a long time he was silent.

The dictators continue to lie.

Carla reported today on our site that there is excess mortality. This is not only in the Netherlands, by the way. This is now the case in all countries with a high 'vaccination' rate. But that must of course remain hidden, swept under the rug. MP Kuzu has asked for clarification. Do you know what they will come up with to explain the enormous increase in heart problems and blood clots:




Once people start thinking about these things, there is no going back.

Once awake, once you jumped over the dam, then you can't go back to the nos/now/telegraaf/slut the young meadow.

Then you will see and know forever that the grass is not green there, but that it is rock and stone rotten!



I find it annoying that the kind of stupid people who close their eyes and ears and go nuts. They are stupid ignorants, but not angry people. I essentially wish them all the best. But they are pulling us into the abyss. That is why we must keep going.

(And another note to that string bean (pea): please refrain from commenting!)


Finally a happy note,

another good tip for sincere MPs, Thierry, Gideon, Kuzu, Wiebren and a few others, because it's the weekend:

Don't mention the war!

I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it alright!



Have a nice weekend everyone!

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