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Will the 'Gate (s) keepers' of the so-called Corona pandemic force us to be vaccinated, because otherwise we should not lead a normal life?

And what is actually meant by the 'new normal'?

That is all still uncertain; rumors circulate that are subsequently denied. The resistance in the population is rather prompted by a premonition. After all, the whole debate does not get to the heart of the matter, writes Claudia von Werlhof, doctor of sociology and professor emerita of political science.

Current events must be seen in a much broader context. In her analysis she envisions possible scenarios, all of which fit into a 'framework' that has been around for a while and has to do with transhumanism, the paradigm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that inevitably hangs over our heads. Unless…


"We are people and not machines!' shouted a speaker at the May 1 demonstration in Vienna with great acclaim from his audience.

And indeed all measures against the Corona virus can be covered by this motto to be summarized: we are required to behave as if we are not people but machines. We can't do anything anymore to feel, not anymore think or open our mouths, stop acting spontaneously, and certainly not sing, exercise, dance with each other or even get up together or get close to each other, especially not touching each other, and avoiding each other as much as possible. We must leave the elderly and children alone imprint that they can endanger the life of their grandmother and grandfather, so that they too can learn what it is like to live as a machine, or at least WITHOUT condolences.


The only feeling that we as such machine people may have, moeten even, is anxiety, namely fear of the virus. Because it could harm us, because it is a harmful organism, like all others who are potential carriers of this harmful organism.

For example, you are constantly in fear that you are not following the directions that protect you against that harmful organism thoroughly enough - hygiene measures, washing and cleaning, and disinfection - and you learn to dislike the human body and its 'dirt', both that of others and of ourselves, that now as one Danger is defined. As long as we have life in us and our body is still a living body and not a machine, we are in danger. In this way we become afraid of ourselves. The intention is that we want to "cleanse" ourselves; that we are even going to be disgusted with ourselves and our own body and especially that of others.

What is the consequence? That we will long to be more machine than human, more dead than alive, rather in a high security prison than in freedom outside with its invisible but ubiquitous dangers.

A real conspiracy theory from above

It is my contention that the incessant hammering of Corona's danger has the function of a true conspiracy theory from above. The intention is to scare us into agreeing to a practice we would never have otherwise accepted (1). We are frightened of an alleged danger from nature, which must be eliminated by using massive measures in order to 'protect' ourselves for this. My thesis is furthermore that this tactic should make us people who are better armed against this supposed danger from nature. This would make us "better" people, moving more towards machines, and no longer being people as nature made them. And in this case that is made possible by medical progress!

That the script for this was written some time ago is clear from the fact that the approach is now extremely targeted (2). We do not yet know all about it for the time being. But it is certain that the Corona mania was not imposed on us as a joke from above, and not to stop life around the world for a while and then return to 'normal life' as we knew it.

What that so-called 'new normal' awaits us, we have to deduce from the facts that we already perceive around us. Just as our economy cannot return to the state we knew before Corona, we also do not intend to make physical progress after Corona. We will focus here on the part of the problem that pertains to our body, because so far no light has been shed on it. Because even before a sufficiently tested vaccine is available, there is a lot of talk about a vaccination program for all people on earth, and that it is urgent and must be implemented as soon as possible; and therefore the legal framework for this must now also be created immediately.

Furthermore, I say that what lies ahead now has nothing to do with our health, but with the implementation of measures to ensure that in the near future we will be completely redefined as we now live as humans.

The transformation of ourselves as humans.

About this problem is still completely CANNOT discussed.

Because there is now mainly talk about the financial side, especially on the profit the pharmaceutical industry is going to make, and what outrageous methods that will be achieved.

It is also debated about attempts to control people as completely as possible and deprive them of their rights.

But what has not been exposed at all is that there is eight eleven Please because a technical development has taken place that is already around the corner.

I am talking about the possibility of meeting us tinkering, us as human beings transformed. This theme is often overlooked, let alone discussed in public.

The technical progress at issue here is not only used to 'control' external nature by disassembling it and then reassembling it in a different way into a 'second', so-called 'better' nature, namely the machine.

Paradoxically, this suits us, the 'Crown of the company creationnow also waiting. From the perspective of technical progress, "man" is in fact one deprecated that it is necessary to 'transform' it, so that it is supposedly open to 'improvement'.

He should become something like a "machine."

Through that bow we now hear something about 'inoculate'- that is the first thing that awaits us after man's fear of nature, of other people and of ourselves has taken a good hold of us. We need to get something vaccinated, even when we're so 'regressive' or 'antisocial"is that we don't want that at all and we don't at all through a worldwide massive vaccination program of that bozer plague want to be liberated.

Logically speaking, this can only mean two things: it will be a gigantic billion-dollar business, that is clear.

But more than that, it could also be taken as the opportunity to take the whole step by step humanity in one form or another to transform this human-machine ghost image, and people in 'cyborgs' or 'transhumans' to change.

The debate about machine people and man machines

This debate is really taking place (3), and is not just a fantasy show, which is also very old.

The reason for this is obvious: technical progress led to the invention of the machine as the most important technical achievement of modern times, and the machine has slowly penetrated all sectors of life. He works, as it were, imperialist, and stops for nothing that comes in his way, not even for people or people. It is his principle to turn all nature he encounters into a machine, including us humans, who live next to, with, and even in the machine. This is his logic, which is often still overlooked.

In general, the behavior of people was first adapted to the machine - from the soldier to the factory worker. And nowadays we are all behind the computer, the 'machine of machines'. This means that we obey the commands of this machine (4), otherwise it will not work like any other machine. Because the machine, as the so-called better substitute for nature, is not a democratic construction, but a totalitarian one by virtue of its method of creation. Its creation is always preceded by a violent 'progress', namely the destruction of nature, which is by no means 'dead matter'. Natural science claims this to wash its hands in innocence since it developed such methods (5).

It is therefore not surprising that our contact with the machine has always resulted in us changing. For example, more and more external measures have been introduced that 'mimetically' adapt the human body to a machine 'aesthetic', and prostheses and even artificial organs have been 'built into' the human body. In general, however, the body has not yet been changed from the inside to make it compatible with the machine, or to transform it step by step into a living machine or machine life. But this has been on the agenda for some time now when developing new technologies (7).

"People can be recreated or redeemed, their behavior can be conditioned and their consciousness changed, ”stated the famous American sociologist Daniel Bell (8), meaning this as positively as his colleagues in the natural sciences. Is it naiveté, or where does this halo of optimism come from that still surrounds technical progress and has kept most of us from questioning it?

What does the 'pandemic' have to do with such 'progress'?

For now we are confronted with the fact that the 'pandemic' could have something to do with such a kind of 'progress', as we are currently urged to vaccinate all of humanity under the pretext of taking them from rid the scourge of the virus. After all, a vaccination offers the unique possibility of having more people directly into their bodies than ever before within and on that occasion leave something behind that body from within transforms and 'accessible', ie 'connecting' to a larger technical system, to the mega machine (9). We must therefore now ask ourselves what technical progress in this regard has to offer in the meantime.

Indeed, Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft, and the creator of the plan to vaccinate the world against Corona, wants to vaccinate all 7 billion people on Earth, including pregnant women, newborn babies and people who have already had Corona (!).

In Germany, an 'immunity passport' has been discussed in parliament, but it has not yet been introduced. In addition, the surveillance citizens are censored through artificial intelligence, AI systems on the agenda, and the Internet, ie freedom of expression on the Internet has also been abolished (10). Apparently it is not assumed that everyone will be so enthusiastic about the vaccination, which is supposedly the Salvation , even if the prospect of being able to travel freely and practice a profession after a vaccination appears tempting. And vice versa, so if you refuse the vaccination, you could lose those freedoms, ie you could be deprived of your fundamental fundamental rights.

Fighting the pandemic and its consequences is not about our health. Our health is endangered by much greater dangers, such as radioactivity, particulate matter, glyphosate, harmful food en 5G, which nobody talks about in this regard.

Even the mouth masks that are mandatory in certain situations are not intended for our health. On the contrary, they are harmful because they are up to self-infection can lead and shut off our oxygen supply; in other words, they cause the symptoms of the disease in question, not to mention its psychological consequences. It is also not about fighting a dangerous virus, although we have been getting it for months fooled.

From a medical point of view, the coronavirus is no more dangerous than the influenza virus, it changes constantly and above all it cannot be with a vaccine subdued, certainly not in the long term (11). In addition, no vaccine has been found at all, because the virus itself has not even been precisely identified.

Once the vaccine is found, it needs to be tested for several years before it can be used, especially since the virus can also mutate.

So it is not logical and also irresponsible that there is such a hurry with a massive compulsory vaccination, which around the end of 2020 is planned. Without anyone being held liable for any harmful consequences. (12)

It is known that vaccinations that have been tested and used for many years can also have adverse consequences.

That shows that it is now completely it is not a medical vaccination.

That a vaccination is now being planned can only be explained by assuming that something else is intended.

What really matters!

We are currently in the middle of what we call Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This is accompanied by the massive introduction of new technologies, such as gene technology, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, Nanotechnology and not to forget geoengineering. And at the same time there are widely electromagnetic technologies in the higher layers of the Earth's atmosphere implemented, which also act on our body (13).

At the same time, we can see from the success of the technology companies, the military-industrial complex, what the purpose of the restructuring of the world economy, which on the 'triggered by the lockdown demolition ' will follow (14).

The economic and social model that ties in with the implementation of the new technologies and is now becoming so propagated, is called the 'Green New Deal' (15). This involves the introduction of a 'green alternative', post-capitalist, post-industrial, de-globalized and nature-friendly society.

Strangely enough, new technologies such as'green, including nuclear energy and the new industrial revolution aimed at introducing and applying these technologies. This 'deal', which is promoted by the green parties and the European Commission, among others, is actually the opposite of what it claims to be (16). How can that be reconciled?

Digitization is a new project that surprisingly has so far only met with positive reactions from all sides. But digitization is an expression of the new technologies, especially in the form of the “Internet of Things”, IoTor Internet of Things, Indeed. This is a digital mega-machine based on artificial intelligence, in which and through which all 'things' contained in it are connected 'cybernetically' in a network. The widely propagated 'digitization' ensures that this is also possible.

Every 'thing' leaves its 'information' in the IdD. This information is the 'energy' on which the IdD runs, its 'oil' so to speak (quote from Angela Merkel) in a figurative sense. The activities of the IdD are entered into the system via sensors, which will be connected to all equipment, buildings, the entire infrastructure, including outdoors, and also to the people who are also involved in it (17).

In that machine, the IdD, all information is 'treated equally', whether it concerns dingen of op people. So there is no longer any difference between the two, so that people with their information are no different than things with their information.

There are software programs that provide the information process en pass around or also remove. It is similar to what we do on the computer. We have been used to that for decades.

But what is new is that this is now also being done with ourselves as'dingenor "information" in it Indeed. On the one hand, this means that now we do too sensors must be equipped, which transmit everything we do. Only in this way can we participate in the mega-machine, and all citizens will benefit from this new form of 'participationare going to be involved. The mobile phone or smartphone is already a precursor to this.

The 'transformation of the human species'

We will now be connected to the machine not only from the outside but also from the inside, and with that we will become part of the mega machine of the IdD, or even become a kind of machine ourselves.

So we will enter foreseeable time are just machines, which means that not only are we expected to do our best to become like this, but technically we can be forced to behave like machines: 'Calculable, quantifiable, less complex, operationalisable , adaptable to the given constraints, externally controllable, identically reproducible, exchangeable, controllable and transparent, uncritical participating in a closed system of rules', ie guaranteed 100 procent functioning as expected from us (18).

In order to function as reliably as machines, our body has to be adapted, from the inside out. For the system, our external adaptation, so our unconditional obedience, is no longer sufficient because of the 'residual risk human'. The plan is therefore, among other things, to implant chips in our body, which has long been the case with animals. We are vaccinated with sensors and other storage media and mini-machines, such as nanobots, ie nanoformed robots that can multiply themselves.

This awaits us once the development of this technology has progressed far enough, which is exactly dit Year will be the case (19). Only then would we be 'connected', registered and accessible from the outside by means of electromagnetic waves, and soon even by satellites from space (20). The process of our internal mechanization may even be a progressive one that us gradually to transform machines. It ID2020 Implant, which can locate and identify each person individually, is currently the model for this (21).

But the pinnacle is that new vaccines are also being developed that will bring about a genetic change in us using genetic technology, namely direct through the DNA en indirect through the m. This must be achieved with special syringes with three channels which cause the resistance of our cells to vreemd DNA is broken by means of 'electroporation". Ie cells become by internal electric shock forced to record the foreign DNA or 'messenger' mRNA (22).

This would suit us geweld into genetically modified organisms, GMOs, and we can only guess what we would be: chimeras? Willless devices? In any case, no more people who are in full possession of the powers about which we have nature dispose. Because these interventions would consciously and deliberately disturb the human heritage of all evolution. U.S primal trust in our own human body thereby becomes of its basis robbed. Because nobody knows how the body will react and what the consequences of the intervention will be, or how we should deal with it if we can no longer rely on our self-healing powers.

'Hereditary messages that have been protected by nature from interference for millions of years ... will begin to mix together, and ghostly monsters will populate the earth in the future ... The molecular wizard apprentices are eager to finally tinker with the genetic order of man to be able to start. … What scares me is the irreversibility of the processsaid the great chemist, geneticist and critic of gene technology Erwin Chargaff (23) on this type of technical progress.

It looks like it nu the time has come. Also Jeremy Rifkin, who was critical of the gene technology propagated, inter alia, by the Green New Deal, is now in favor of 'a profound change of the human species' and is now in favor of merging computer technology and genetics into one new powerful technological reality. (24)

Then Bill Gates is exactly the right place for you.

Because it is after all nothing less than the recreation of the world and therefore of man.

But also for 'a second creation story from the laboratory (s) the introduction of an artificially produced nature by the factory industry, which must be the original concept of the evolution of nature to replace.' (25)

A 'New World Order' with 'new people'?

It would indeed be a "New World Order" if it were possible to do this monstrous, harmful, irreversible and also hereditary implement interventions in our physical integrity, in our genetic heritage with long-term impact, worldwide.

Such interventions would even have consequences for the condition human itself and for our reproduction as a human species.

It would not be an exaggeration to call such an intervention the greatest crime against humanity.

However, even if we escape this bloody assault on our humanity, we will still be using the IdD's mega machine CANNOT escape. China is the first country in which this development is in full swing, but which is probably still dependent on external form of automation. It is no coincidence that this country is increasingly presented to us as a positive example of sustainable development. Apart from the political-totalitarian implications and the possible technical transformation of man himself, this also poses a problem of a general legal nature.

Human rights - technically outdated?

Because in the IdD / IoT no distinction is made between things, information and people, this means that we are basically in the mega machine of the IdD / IoT no longer like people are defined and treated.

That is why our human rights would come under these circumstances cancelledbecause they are technically 'obsolete' to be.

This even applies to the human rights itself and not just for the civil freedom rights. After all, things and information and machines have no rights. Equal treatment based on criteria would therefore expire these rights and thus the legal consequences of our possible artificial genetic transformation, yes even the conditio humana itself!

Technical progress makes justice, as it were automatically unnecessary, not true?

Our freedom rights are already due to the lockdown as a result of the Corona pandemic largely contained or lifted. And apparently there are no plans to put us on it back to the old level to give.

On the contrary, human rights themselves, such as the right to Physical integrity en human dignity, go the way of other rights and maybe someday even us will right to life to be lifted… That is the imperturbable logic of the mechanization. It means there no leven outside the machine mag to exist.

Because it now counts itself as 'life', in fact, as the 'better' life. In that world man isobsoletehas become an 'extinct species' (26).

We have all discussed this when we examined the development of the new technologies.

In the relevant sectors: artificial intelligence, gene technology and even in synthetic biology, which man as a whole wants to produce artificially, the human rights not thematized, neither in general nor for the individual people concerned.

In the end it is all about "inventions" that apply to us, by the person who genetically modified us patent can be requested.

If patents were recognized not only on the lives of animals and plants, but also on people's lives, we would possession become our inventor and could he also destroy us, delete so to speak.

This has already been provided for in the mega machine that is part of the AI. We are just someone or something in the 'communityof the IdD as a machine, CANNOT out there. Then we wouldn't have free, sovereign and independent individuals are more. (Strangely enough, some call this'socialism').



Democracy and nature technically obsolete?

This explains why there is from this perspective no democracy more is needed and can no longer exist, because the machine is not only strict hierarchical, but also exclusively according to the rules of this system which, by definition, functions by none moral laws can be broken.

Moreover, none exist within the mega-machine eighty, no ouders and no descent of family Lake. Because in that system there is no natural space for anything. After all, it is itself a corollary of a technology that has transformed nature into a machine, thus destroying it and then 'replacing' it (27).

So we see that the machine is not only from destruction comes forthbut this process too continues. This makes everything backfire en other way around - living things become dead, society becomes a prison, man a mechanical construct ...

The trick is that all of these new creations must be presented and justified as something 'better', even as the 'continuation of natural principles and processes,' as Rifkin puts it (28). This is why technical new creations like 'green'be labeled because they put it on everything'greenis, on everything lives, have coined!

The mega machine is a mind control weapon

The mega machine is just like any machine totalitarian, and actually one weapon. He only knows commands and obeys. People or things coming out of it harness walk, do this to your own damage and shame. They cannot go any further, they 'fall down' or get points deducted because they no longer provide information.

It is about 'guarding and punishing' (Foucault) in one, it is about total control about everything, where it will probably be possible to intervene directly from the outside and even to 'delete". Contact can be made with chips, sensors and nanobots in the body, where information can be sent via computer software.

For example, there has been one for decades proven technique to send information to the brain by means of electromagnetic waves in different frequencies, a form of 'mind control' with which certain feelings can be generated or behavior can be influenced (29).

And probably will be there soon 5G with which we are using satellites and with a global one EM-network will be connected (project 'Starlink' (30).

Then we are not alone here down, but also from above in a 'lockdown(31), and it is also not clear whether and how we do it survive - maybe only as machines.

Meanwhile, concerns about our "health" are being expressed, and even small children are already being deliberately told that they are potentially one health hazard for their grandparents; they therefore become one guilt saddled, which of course traumatizes them ...

The PLANdemie is Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Wonderful New World all in one!

I'm not saying it has come this far. But we're headed straight for it. Already 40 years it has been talked about and worked on among insiders for a long time. What I therefore don't understand is that there is about this high-explosive topic no critical debates are conducted.

Nobody talks about it!

It seems that this is the path taken with the pandemic and after the pandemic, the PLAN Demo, and wants to walk through all the consequences. It would naive and are completely unrealistic to suppose otherwise.

So it will soon be the job of medicine to begin machine people or human machines from us, by us, like the AI ​​hero Ray Kurzweil it expresses "to merge with the computer" (32). They need it 'transhumanism' to the overwinning help, that 'glorious new man' (33), which existed only in the propaganda and alchemical fantasy of the 'extropians', of those who advocate the einde of man, who would be a better man by not to be human anymore.

It is it sneering goodbye of the mens, of the mammals, the dinosaurs, in short it 'jelly'(34) of all creatures that still come forth from a mother's body and that have supposedly been surpassed by the evolution of intelligence (35).

With the compliments of the new creators who think they are God and have therefore violently plucked up matter and all manifestations and believe that they are now back at the big bang have landed and the whole creation at your own discretion again can not be purchased to create.

That is the patriarchy in its own right mirrors in the imagination of a paternal origin of life - against the normal course of events: de maternal origin in - and that imagination once and for all actuality trying to be!

Why is reading actually NOBODY de book of these madmen from the AI, gene and nanotechnology sector ??!

They have long started to turn this into reality because they know they have been supported by billions of euros.

The 'new evolution' - a 'eugenic civilization' and a 'synthetic humanity'

In this supposedly possible new evolution, there will eventually be no more human beings, but only the actually already 'post'-human' homo deus ', the god-man, who has become part of the' god-machine ', of the'singularity", who would then have surpassed man in the old sense of the word and become ruler of the universe himself (36)! And see there, the author of it Homo DEUS, Yuval Harari, is world famous and becomes embraced by all those in power in the world, from Obama to become Merkel to!

The jet set from the world of new technologies openly strives for "eugenic civilization" and even for "synthetic humanity" (37).

A man like Gates is determined to realize this, and thereby follows in the footsteps of being vader. It is not for nothing that he apparently wants to AI technology with his vaccines en genetic manipulation to combine. We know that he is interested in eugenics. He himself said it, namely that vaccinations can and will be used to reduce the population (38). This one 'depopulationand its uncanny logic in light of what we have discussed in this article should be the subject of debate. But that is also still never has been the case.

Warned a century ago Rudolf Steiner: 'The soul will pass through one medicine be abolished. From the 'health' point of view, a vaccine will be found that will cause our organism to be as young as possible and preferably immediately after birth. editedthat this human body does not get the idea that there is a soul and a spirit. - The two worldview currents will be so sharply opposed. One movement will consider how to form concepts and ideas that are the real reality, the reality of the spirit and the aim, reflect. The others, the followers of the current materialists, will try to find a vaccine that makes the body 'healthy', that is, makes the body in such a way that, because of its condition, it no longer speaks of crazy dingen as soul or spirit, but 'healthy' talk hangs about the forces that live in machines and chemical processes and that produce planets and suns in a planetary nebula. This will continue Physical interventions be triggered. The materialistic doctors will with the task are taxed every aim to expel from humanity.(39)

Then the transformed people count as the 'improve". But how 'healthy' in the broadest sense of the word will they be? Either they would no longer have a body as it originally was, or they would lack a soul and spirit.

Then there would be one third category left of people who are on this Escaped en not vaccinated are.

And that would of course include Mr Gates and his children.

The discussion about it lock out of these disobedient people have already begun. The 'great transformation' that everyone is talking about is indeed on the way.

Goodbye man?

Was man not always 'evil', and does he not get his earned wages? The monkey is now out of the sleeve, because who is evil here, and not just a little bit, but radical is now clear. It Anthropocene, the world age of man, of which people are so proud today - will that eventually be without people? Then it would be 'posthumanismthat is left for us finally of this foolish liberates 'life' ...

Technical progress is now showing its true face. It is the face of the holy "productive forces." But machine stormers are always there mocked and became ridiculous regressive found it. This is avenging now. Because this has prevented that we see what is really going on and what it meant and means. This gap in our perception comes us now expensive to stand. Nobody is prepared for it. It is about nothing less than what 'levenmeans to us; and then not it zombie-like'living off a machine that robs us and the Earth of our energy.

No, it is about us leven and creatures of meat and blood.

A life that we must TO DEFEND Tegen OBSCENE NEW ONES CREATIONS they pretend to be BETTER than our planet Earth and Mother Nature.

Should we still believe that now that we are at stake and now STILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DESTROY THAT REVERSE REVERSE

and still prevent us from entering the technotronic era (40) forever going down?

How painful would it be for it 'resistance'if its pioneers had not yet understood what it is all about today, besides money and power?



They see what to do and how to do it!

That really makes you happy.

Translated by Elisabeth Labrijn


The original (German) version of this article was published under the title: 'Moedsgeimpft - und kein Mensch mehr', on:  and on:


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