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BlueTruth 'awake' or aware police officers organization

By organizing BlueTruth

BlueTruth is a citizens' initiative, which was founded in February 2021 by Francisco de Valk, former employee of the National Police. Many police employees have now joined BlueTruth, both employees in active service and former employees. The great need for this initiative is evident from the fact that Belgian and French colleagues have now also joined. BlueTruth is also in close contact with other emergency services, such as members of the fire service.

Francisco started this initiative because a large group of police officers are confronted daily with enormous dilemmas during the performance of their work, which rubs off with their own inner compass. The police act and act on behalf of the government (politics) and are therefore subordinate to the competent authority. But how can police officers stay true to themselves and their inner compass when it turns out that the government they work for is spreading incomplete and even misinformation? On a daily basis, many police officers wrestle with the dilemmas that arise from this and the resulting problems in the workplace and during work. Several police employees have already come forward who indicate that they do not dare to speak out within the organization for fear of transfer or even dismissal.

BlueTruth is also deeply concerned about the policy pursued by the government since the start of the corona crisis and thus the implementation that is expected of all police employees. Freedom, equality and legal certainty are increasingly under threat, not only within society, but also within the police organisation. Police officers are expected to do truth-finding, and especially in these times it is extremely important to keep searching for that truth. But how do you deal with this as a police officer when that truth is not shared by a large part of the population and the executives within the organization? How do you act as a police officer and act when you come up against the citizen who demonstrates and thus stands up for all our rights and defends them tooth and nail? As a police officer, how do you deal with dissenters within your own organization when everyone is expected to point in the same direction? BlueTruth invites those employees to continue to connect, to open up to colleagues and managers as well as to the citizen or demonstrator. Be sincere and show an open attitude, so that beautiful conversations can arise from this.

For those employees who get caught up in their dilemmas, who encounter problems or become conscientious, BlueTruth offers help. In this way a listening ear can be offered, but also help with the dilemmas that are experienced on a daily basis. There is a lot of knowledge available, certainly with regard to current developments in society. Various professionals have already registered with BlueTruth. Think of lawyers and lawyers, psychological care providers, therapists, doctors and people from care.

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Of course everything is treated confidentially, if you wish you can even tell your story anonymously.

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