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Maricopa county

I'm afraid we have to wait until 2025 for the results of Maricopa county.

To keep the courage in it then this Professor,

A HUGE Audit Update – MARICOPA: “It's Far WORSE Than Anything I Could Have Imagined. Oh, it's TERRIBLE.”

Following the Devolution theory you can find here on Maricopa county part 3, I've included the text of someone below who raised a few questions.

Anyone who has read Socrates knows that the questions are more important than the answers. Likewise here;


Two VERY peculiar things happened the past two days…

1. It was announced that GITMO construction will CONTINUE at the tune of $10 MILLION dollars + for new facilities including, coincidentally…“Military trials, and classified workspace”.

2. Biden took it upon himself to EXTEND the infamous Executive Order 13848 for Sanctions in the event of foreign election interference that Trump signed in September of 2018…Now, WHY would he do something like that given that HE WAS THE ONE WHO STOLE THE 2020 ELECTION?!?!

Without even looking too much into these things, there is substantial reason to suspect that there is FAR more happening “behind the curtain” than we could ever imagine. That's unequivocal FACT, and is plainly obvious to those following along closely.

So, anyone saying “nothings happening” “it's all bullshit” or “Trump has abandoned us” does NOT understand the dynamics at hand here, and it's frankly quite ignorant.

The PROOF is in the pudding for those who are willing to pay close attention. That also doesn't take away from the fact that WE THE PEOPLE ALL PLAY A PART in seeing the change we wish to see. NEVER forget that. GET INVOLVED in your local communities. Don't just sit around waiting for a white knight to “save the day”. There are MULTIPLE “plans” at play and YOU play a YUGE part!



You see, the military on Guantanamo is undergoing massive expansion, including a new courthouse and prisons, estimated to be 2/3 larger than before. The question is, Why? You're not going to do a massive expansion if you don't expect anyone. The people who have read the previous series on the Devolution theory can at least guess what is going on. That Biden has also extended Executive Order 13848 (which is specifically intended for electoral fraud through foreign interference) from which Biden would thus have benefited, certainly gives one to think.

The question remains; Who is really in control in America? The army?

Here is the White House website page confirming Executive Order 13848 being extended.

It is also beginning to dawn on CNN that Trump has formed a shadow government.

On Friday September 24, the results of the Maricopa county audit will finally be released.

As it turns out, the forensic investigators eventually also got access to the electronic equipment, routers (for internet contact and with whom) the computer hardware of the counting machines, etc. This has been stopped by many lawsuits, but now finally available.

Why is this so important you may ask, therefore, if it can be proven that a huge fraud has taken place during the presidential elections then the elections are void. Can it be proved irrefutably that a foreign nation (China?) has committed fraud in these elections, then this is an act of war and a declaration of war in international law.

Then we have the dolls dancing.

FIREWORKS: Next Week Will Be Explosive – Indications Mounting that Both Arizona and Georgia 2020 Valid Election Results May Move These States to Trump NEXT WEEK

Sidney Powell on how bad it is in America to seize power, they have trillions in money at their disposal and are willing to kill to achieve their goal. And they kill too.

From 09.00 minutes, Gideon van Meijeren explains in great detail that violence is always committed from the left.