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Fox News Ingraham on European lockdowns: "Completely insane!"

Laura Ingraham of Fox News calls the corona policy in the European countries “lunatic” and can hardly contain her laugh at how crazy it is that after the blow up of our economy we are just going into another lockdown here.

This while everything about the virus is known and all States and countries that do not participate in this madness will simply go on and on and have absolutely no problems with this so-called “pandemic”. It's common sense. Of course they are “bothered” by it. But we have that from all viruses.


In the US, people have a choice next Tuesday.

The far left Democrats who want to lock everything down. Want to step into the Green Deal in Paris. Abolish the US oil industry by banning fracking (drilling). No more cars. Madness and it takes millions of well-paid jobs. Tax increase. Open borders. Mouth caps. Fear. BlackLivesMatter and Antifa riots. Police who are defunded and chased away. Media that then completely ignore that. And most of all… Corona, corona, corona, corona….

The Dems are going to "fight the virus". But you cannot get rid of a virus. You allow it to become part of life and thus the risk is minimized as you build up immunity.

But Dems and our leaders think locking up healthy people is the solution. And the

Dems like to stand in front of the camera with their mouth caps to stammer out sentences such as:... “Our thoughts go out to all those corona victims and next of kin".

Few people will feel addressed because it was grandpa or grandma of 82 who got the last push. Sowing fear still has an effect. Supported by the corrupt media and big techs, it remains a major problem. In addition, Trump must fight against Google, Twitter and Facebook, which censor everything that is negative for Sleepy Joe Biden.

People can choose the hell above or vote for Donald Trump. Open everything. No mandatory masks and idiocy. And (quote Trump) "NEVER LOCKDOWN AGAIN!"

Have you ever heard 30.000 people shout to a President: "WE LOVE YOU"? It happens daily in the US where Trump holds 2, 3 or even 4 rallies. The people have been so oppressed and have endured so much irrationality and oppression, especially in the Democratic States. They are fed up and at the end of their rope. They have been demolished mentally and financially. Choosing Trump is choosing freedom.

On the other hand, when Joe Biden comes out of his bomb shelter to give a “speech”, there are about 15 men. They don't even look at him. Face masks, social distancing. Dull misery and the man calls Donald Trump, George. Biden has lost consciousness and will become the puppet of the radical left should he be elected. Obama is also being summoned, but the demagogue no longer attracts people.

Everything indicates that Trump is going to win big and big. When that happens, the fake media, the censoring social media, the far left and the corona idiocy in the US will be defeated. The media predicts that Biden will win. We predict a huge red wave in the US. Red from the Republicans.

On Tuesday we will know if the people there are really awake en masse.

Something that is clearly NOT the case in Europe. You are almost ashamed that you live here among so many uninformed people (often with a very big mouth too). They have no idea. But that will come… America is often a glimpse into the future. Unfortunately, few Dutch people know what is happening there because the first positive word about Donald Trump in the media has yet to be written or spoken.


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