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Frankfurt - Immigrant pushes mother and son (8) for a train

Sadness and anger in Germany after the terrible murder of an 8 year old boy.

Gottfried Curio (AfD) and Peter Beuth (CDU) respond. The difference in leadership is clear. Germany now seems to be finally awakening. The AfD has been on the rise for a while. In Germany, 40-year-old Habte Araya has pushed a mother and a boy of 8 for the train. The mother could manage in the last second. Her son died of serious injuries on the spot.

Habte Araya was known in Switzerland as a "model immigrant" and was the symbol of "successful integration". He himself has 3 children. The AfD in Germany comes up with clear solutions here. In the eyes of the (Dutch) press, this party is of course the “extreme right” and they are “fascists”, but Germany seems to be waking up.

Even before this tragedy, the AfD continued to rise in the polls and its membership is getting bigger and bigger. It is striking that in East Germany the AfD is by far the largest party with 23% of the votes and thus even surpasses CDU. In West Germany, the party can count on “only” 13% of the vote.


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