Free the people from the clutches of the Covid-19 sect!

Free the people from the clutches of the Covid-19 sect!

The following is based on one provided by the author CJ Hopkins written article that demonstrates that people are not seeing through the corona pandemic because they have been unknowingly initiated into a cult called the Covid-19 sect.

One of the most important characteristics of totalitarian rule is that people conform to a psychotic official story. (Psychosis involves an altered perception of reality that affects perception, thinking and emotions. The main symptoms are delusions and hallucinations).

The official insane story therefore has little or nothing to do with reality, which is constantly contradicted by the actual facts.

We encounter this phenomenon in the Nazis and Stalinism, among others. However, where you can observe this phenomenon much better is with certain sects. Well-known examples of this are: the Manson family, the Peoples Temple of Jim Jones, as well as the Church of Scientology and the Q psyop.

When you later look back to such a phenomenon, such as the Nazi era, for example, it is plain to see that the official story was largely delusional.

However, what not many people understand is that those who become victims (an individual or a total population) of such delusions do not experience it that way. For them, the official story is not psychotic. The opposite is true, it feels completely normal to them. Everything they perceive daily in their society also confirms the story. Anything that questions the official story is seen as an existential threat. That is, a threat so great that it endangers the survival of life as we know it.

The official stories always have a great paranoid element. A story where the cult is threatened by an enemy. Only by strictly enforcing the rules of the sect can the ideology of the sect be saved. It doesn't make any difference who or what that enemy is. It makes no difference whether they are rebels, the Jews or a virus. The identity of the enemy is not important. The point is that a paranoid and hysterical atmosphere is being created, causing the members of the sect to continue to obey the strict rules imposed on them.

And then something very important happens….

Not only does paranoia drip from the official story, it is often completely illogical, in some respects even insane or downright ridiculous. However, if you think that all of this makes the story weaker, nothing could be further from the truth. It increases their power because it forces the followers to put the totally insane and incredible story in their heads because otherwise they would become an outsider within the cult and that is the last thing they want. However, because their brains actually refuse to make sense of the story, a kind of short circuit occurs in the brain and it stops any form of critical thinking and that is of course exactly what the leader of the cult wants.

Cult leaders also radically change the story on a regular basis, forcing the cult members to renounce and even denounce the things they believed until then, pretending they never believed it before. This creates a new short circuit in the brain. Then finally comes a point where rational thinking is totally abandoned and parroting begins to talk about whatever kind of nonsense story the cult leader is spouting out at that moment.

However, the total nonsense uttered by the cult leader is not as silly as it might seem to a normal thinking person. When such a person listens to what the cult leader is saying, he thinks that leader is trying to communicate something. However, the cult leader is not trying to communicate at all. He tries to confuse and control the listener. An example of this is Charles Manson with his “rappping”. It's not what he says, it's how he says it. He speaks utter nonsense, laced with bits of truth.

This technique of repeating clichés that stops the listener from thinking is also used by totalitarian regimes. The most far-reaching and complicated problems facing humanity are compressed into short, compelling-sounding and easy-to-remember sentences.

Does all this sound familiar to you? Good, because the same techniques used by cult leaders to control the members of the cult are also used by totalitarian regimes to control entire nations. They are standard mind control techniques and this can happen in any society, just as anyone can fall victim to a cult under certain circumstances.


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