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SPOT 'EM GOT 'EM: Spot the symbols with which 'they' mock you

Spread the freedom!


The Freemasons, Free Masons, Illuminists, Satanists, Kabbalists, Luciferians believe that by scattering as much symbols certain energies are generated in the world, on earth, among the masses. This is necessary for theirMessiah' via a rainbow to the Third Temple in Israel.
They are promised a special Messiah who will come to earth to create a 'New World'.

Once informed which symbols and signals are used for this purpose, you will suddenly see them clearly EVERYWHERE around you.

On TV, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube channels, all social media, commercials, advertising brochures, on food packaging, on clothing, fashion, on the street, in video clips, in shop windows, in films, in advertising commercials, in fashion magazines, Netflix, web stores, cartoons, brand logos, via celebrities and during psy-ops and hoaxes.

The above categories are of course also purely created by these Satanists, to keep us calm and fully ready for the New world, in which everyone must kneel before the Anti-Christ.



A small number of these demon-possessed individuals have already been mentioned in this CSTV series.

Even worse are the controlled operatives who, for a bag of money, APPEAR to fight for you and with you against this elite but like leashed mongrel hellhounds out to drag you into the New World.

You are made by them partly and eloquently spoken to the mouth, but this one'flying m' walk deliberately behind the scenes! They say ABOUT what you want to hear, but they never get to the true core or to positive results on purpose, this to channel your anger, keep the devil worshipers out of the wind and Satan in the saddle.
And as you know, he comes from the clouds on horseback with his three friends!



It's true SHE believe in and one can dismiss this as nonsense like real Dutch stiff rakes or dumb dumbs, put it aside or look the other way (to Netflix), but in the meantime that naivety is precisely one of the reasons why everything has ever come to this.

Fortunately, you can easily recognize all these types of devil workers. She 'the flash' for a fee, but gladly their pathetic 'triple six' or the lesser-known signals of which a small selection is depicted and described below.




One eyed symbol, All Seeing Eye, All Seeing Eye, Eye of Horus






Triple 6, 666



Triangle, Pyramid





The three main colors of the Illuminati are:







Black and white tiles, black and white checkered, for Divide and Conquer






Red/Blue for division




Sun, Sun Rays, Sun God Sunrise









Lightning bolt




Fallen Angel aka
Morning Star, Stars





Devil's horns sign





1 finger symbol, The Supreme Being, Satan



2 fingers symbol Devil, Baphomet sign




Code of Silence





Serpent, Caduceus, Staff of Hermes, Hermes is God of Trade, Theft and Money





Skull and Bones











Split snake tongue. Tongue out of mouth






Snake, Satan



Diamond (Two Triangles As Above, So Below)





Ouroboros, self-eating snake, symbolizes the cycle of Life and Death








Hive, Beehive




CC, Crescent Moon, Lucifer the Morning Star, 33 (C is third letter of the alphabet)




33, the 33 degrees of Free Masonry, the highest degree 33 honors Lucifer





Lucifer, Son of the Morning





Brick Wall, Bricklayers





Horse, 4 Horsemen: the War, the Anti-Christ, the Hunger, Death





magic swirl



Swoosh, Falling Angel, Flying Arrow





Arrow, Arrow of Bow and Arrow of the Anti-Christ on Horseback






Star, Star of David was added by Mayer Rothschild in 1873



White Masonic Gloves






Angel Wings, of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer






Compass and ruler









monarch butterfly






Letter M, stands for number 3 or two triangles




Letter W, stands for number 3 or two triangles


Y shape, Devil's horns, in all shapes and sizes or upside down.

Horns, Baphomet, Ba'al, goat, bull, ram, antlers, the letter V, pay attention!





There are many types of numerology and secret language that are used. Free Masons mainly use 3, 7, 11, 13

Of 3×3=9, 3×7=21, 3×11=33, 3×13=39. Sometimes 19,5, half of 39.



Lion, Sphinx



Hand Gestures Free Masons



Sunflowers, represent the Sun Symbol


'Hidden Hand' gesture


Tree of Life, Tree of Life of the Kabbalah





Inverted Cross, the ultimate insult to Christ, Blasphemy




   So-called 'hidden in plain sight'.

We are inundated with their symbols 24/7.


Statue Courthouse Zuidas Amsterdam


Free Mason symbols Owl and Arrow


Dozens of Jewish names are depicted on the Timberland shoes of the immigrant boy.







Music Videos vol Illuminati signs




Modern Talking – Brother Loui


Madonna – one eyed symbol leather jacket


Tears for fears – Seeds of Love


Robert Downing junior – Black White Floor


And a lesson Illuminati for the kids: All symbols appear in this cartoonish music video of a very popular with teenage girls transgender singer who is happy to finally have two lips and has therefore been called Dua Lipa by Illuminati producers.







De sickle moon, see above, is also often seen with Wiccans (witches). At New Agesupporters.

Very ingeniously, the satanic 'New Age' has been marketed through yoga and Mindfulness to replace Christianity.

This using influencers on social media and Hollywood puppets, that suddenly the light have seen.

“If you meditate every day and close your eyes to think only of yourself in your head, the Light will deliver you from all your pain and fears,” is their mantra.

The entire Dutch demonstration scene, controlled from A to Z, seems to have fallen for it.



With hearts and tufts, the MK-Ultra mind-controlled Ratcatchers of Hamelin hug all wappies straight into the New world in.

The New World Order. From the Illumunati, the Enlightened!






Actor and New Age guru Russell Brand, who was married to Katy Perry, among others, is used by the Masons to point out hypocritical Hollywood.

His job is to guide you through the plandemic in a way that many people suddenly like: It's actually not that bad to build a nice new world if you are in higher spheres!!





Singer Katy Perry



Just as the witch tried to sell the apple to Snow White, Satan the Serpent also proceeded with Eve. Same thing with the vaccine.

The Serpent was Lilith, Adam's ex and also a fallen Angel.

The serpent from the Garden of Eden offered the call to Eve. Eve agreed. God got angry.

The apple stands symbol for the Downfall.

It meant the end of Paradise for Adam and Eve and the beginning of the overall misery.

Really everything that is in the Bible is ridiculous made, and they are literally trying to deceive us with it.





The eaten apple is used as a symbol to indicate the temptations of the internet.

And we all fell for it.



Also the F of Facebook is blasphemous meant. It is the sixth letter of the alphabet and the logo represents a bent Holy Cross.




The culprits have done everything they can to make everyone Broken to make.

Our dear CSTV is also porn bombed every day and we have been approached many times to get involved in the contents of the newspaper in exchange for a few golden ducats.

But we never give in and even infiltrators are welcome to come and write. We love freedom of speech.

Sometimes it gets hard for us, but in the meantime we know which pitfalls to avoid.

It's INCREDIBLE how many people just DON'T SEE it!






The devil is in the details. You will come across all symbols that you now know like the back of your hand. Check it out on Youtube, in the shopping cart and just everywhere. And laugh about it!










































































































































































































































Spread the freedom!

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