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From the old box: Baudet in the lion's den with hate mower Rosenmöller

Hate sower? Yes! And a co-responsible criminal with the death of Pim Fortuyn as a result.

Creating such a clear climate that Fortuyn could no longer be killed by a typical left-wing dangerous activist. Then you are a criminal for the people. We will never forget that, we will not forgive you.

“I will be Prime Minister of this country. Make no mistake!"


It is not to be said that this mens is still politically active!

We look back how Thierry Baudet in June 2018 it Maranium Colleague in Groenlo visited.

There would no longer be room for the students who do have a warm heart for the FvD in the hall. Apart with so many empty seats in the room.

Forum for Democracy:

"Thierry Baudet in discussion at Marianum College in Groenlo with GroenLinks leader / chairman of the Secondary Education Council Paul Rosenmöller about left-wing indoctrination in Dutch education."

"It became a particularly heated debate in Groenlo."

See here. A realist in the lair of sour left ignorants.

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