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Fuellmich: "These weeks big things are going to happen on three different continents."

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Article 32 of the Fourth Geneva Convention from 1949:

“The High Contracting Parties expressly agree that each of them is prohibited from taking any measure which causes physical suffering or extermination of protected persons in their power. This prohibition does not only concern life deprivation, torture, corporal punishment, mutilation and medical or scientific experiments which does not require the medical treatment of a protected person, but also all other forms of roughness, employed by civilian or military officials. "

Maximum Penalty Violation: Capital punishment.

How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Tricking Us

Reiner Fuellmich explains in 2 minutes how this p (l) andemia was proclaimed (Dutch subtitles):


The FAKE PCR test

The pharmaceutical industry that is putting so much pressure on the EUA to declare a state of emergency and when that did not work, the PCR test had to let go to get it done. Is that what? A test that cannot detect infection? 

The sessions of Corona Ausschuss are exciting but long. More and more information is coming out. The advantage of this scam is that it is so clear and so easy to refute is that we don't have to be surprised if they just “do it”.

Supported worldwide by lawyers, experts, witnesses and other experts who will testify and are clearly unstoppable.

Fuellmich mainly anticipated the German virologist Christian Drosten, who introduced the PCR test for the so-called covid19 virus to generate false positives so that the Big Pharmas got the green light to develop the "vaccines". A multi-billion dollar business with so many interests for powerful people on all sides of the story, each with their own interests.

Christian Drosten

It's so simple to see when you look at the big picture. Child's play. That's why the frustration of people who see it is so great. The mere fact that the PCR does NOT work undermines the entire corona story.

But just think of all those other serious crimes. Forcing people by taking away their rights when said not to take the vaccine.

The propaganda. The bribe with "free fries for children", a "vaccination lottery", the broken economy, the daily lying to the entire population of governments, the destruction of human lives, the locking up of people, forcing people to put on a mask, forcing people to distance themselves to love each other, a curfew, putting people in a chronic state of fear… Turning people against each other. Vaccinated against non-vaccinated who may have fewer rights. You are treated as an Interhuman when you want to make decisions about your own body while not harming anyone with it. Are they vaccinated? Are they protected?

The damage and abuse, the murders and the humiliation inflicted upon us are incalculable.

Everything and everyone who contributed to this, they should be ashamed of their eyes, and that is putting it very mildly.

A crime against humanity on a scale that is unimaginably great.

All dangers are simply pushed under the carpet. All (cheaper) alternatives such as HCQ, a much cheaper and safer drug, were immediately removed from the public debate and dismissed as “quackery”.

Not to mention the role of the media. The companies that contributed to this. The people who gave the injections. The doctors who have NOT informed their patients about the content and the facts about these (mRNA) injections. Do they? Is a doctor critical? The State puts you under pressure with a nice threatening letter if you want to keep your oath as a doctor (source). ETCETERA.

We can go on for hours about what all this has done. One big hoax that changed everything.


Where not a single famous person has died worldwide from the so-called coronavirus, there are now deaths worldwide that cannot be pushed under the carpet because they are famous people.

Probably not factored in, but hey. Collateral Damage. It's just human lives. And before we have any illusions that they care about us, they don't give a sh*t.

And we (officially) don't know a fraction of what this vaccine already does. But that fraction should be enough to open any person's eyes. But unfortunately. About 80% (if not more) of the population join the queue for the vaccine like sheep.

Why get a vaccine that can only kill you, according to the official story, if you are 70 or older? Why get a vaccine for something that has irrefutably replaced the flu (or was previously called the flu)?

No idea. People don't ask questions. It must be wonderful for those with power to see it happen. Those people live on such a different level from us simple souls that we cannot imagine their cruelty.

But if you open your eyes, you see it and you see that there are very cruel people out there who want to have control over the world's population and you can't help but admit that this is how the world works. Although you can't get your head around that people are capable of doing this to the population. You can see them doing it. They don't even hide it anymore.

Reiner Fuellmich

We put a lot of hope in Fuellmich's group and let's hope it actually happens and justice still exists. Then the world will see what has been done to them in a new tribunal.

"We'll see if the justice system still exists or if it's already been completely taken over by the other side, which I don't think is the case." says Fuellmich.

“These weeks, big things are going to happen on three different continents,” Fuellmich emphasized during the hearing, who works with some 200 to 300 other lawyers.

About Lothar Wieler, the director of the German RIVM and others, Fuellmich said:

"They are easy to catch and make a lot of mistakes."

He also learned from American friends that 'ze go after Fauci, the American Jaap van Dissel. "He may be fired."

Is it really going to happen? We will see.

Here is a short excerpt about the conflicts of interest of companies and politics.


Mandatory vaccination? You were a conspiracy thinker less than a year ago when you came up with that story.

Now you're a conspiracy theorist when you predict that we all have to go online, physically.

And so the messengers, who predict everything exactly, are always dismissed as idiots.

Klaus Schwab in 2016:



Crazy old man? This man is the sign of the world power.

Founder and director of the World Economic Forum, also known as the Davos Forum in 2016 which is very clear in their plans with us.

Here you see his Dutch performers:

Mark Rutte, Queen Maxima, Klaus Schwab, Sigried Kaag

Who else would you like to hear from and is it now clear what that so-called “vaccination passport” actually means?

Or still really think we are going back to the old “normal”? Then you don't understand what power is.

Seat 54 Stiftung Corona Ausschuss


The most important interview you will EVER see with Geert vandenBossche


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