Funeral home companies are struggling with loss of turnover and receive “corona subsidy”

We found this message on

“The temporary emergency bridging measure to maintain employment (NOW scheme) is for employers who are faced with a substantial loss of turnover as a result of the corona virus. The NOW provides for reimbursement of wage costs. Employers could apply for NOW 1.0 until June 1, 2020.

A total of 23 funeral related funeral companies were awarded their claim on the aid measure. The total amount paid to all applicants was € 295.179, which represents an average payment per company of € 12.834.

A complete overview of all (funeral) companies that have received NOW 1.0 subsidy can be found on the site by searching for the keyword “funeral”.

The reason for invoking the aid measure is that it may have been possible to organize fewer condolence meetings due to the limitations of the RIVM with regard to the maximum group size. Also, coffee tables could not be organized for a long time so that coffee ladies and gentlemen could not do their job.

The temporary Emergency Measure Bridging Employment (NOW) is a subsidy that is paid from public money. The government wants to be as transparent as possible about the use of public money. The NOW scheme therefore states that employers applying for NOW agree to the publication of certain information. ”

The response of Vaccine Free is sharp:

“Financial worries due to the Covid-19 measures are affecting funeral companies in the Netherlands. Huh? Surely a dangerous pandemic should mean that the funeral homes are doing good business? Shouldn't the loss in coffee cup sales be more than offset by the increased number of funerals for Covid deaths? The increased mortality during the second wave is not forthcoming, and the phantom control measures are even putting funeral homes in trouble… ”

The corona measures destroy everything. Not corona itself.

Corona is much more harmless than the official figures already show us.


One speaks of one official death rate of corona of 0,16% and 0,05% in people under 70 years of age. But as we have tried to make clear a number of times, and this is not rocket science ...

One measures with 2 sizes!

How so?

A cancer patient who gets the flu is registered as: Cause of death cancer
A cancer patient who receives corona is registered as: Cause of death corona

And YET, the same formula is released in both cases.

Since a very good 90% of the corona patients had an underlying condition, we speak of a mortality rate of about 0,15% and even less in people younger than 70 years.

Totally negligible. A mystery why nobody brings this up. A little statistician will agree (or feel free to contradict this).

And be honest with yourself. Have you lost someone to corona? Oh no?

Only a very rare exception will be genuine "Yes" can answer this question.

But the absurd measures affect everyone! And how!

Corona is practically NOTHING. It is an invisible and virtually harmless virus that has been used to create illusion and chaos. Figures never lie!

Coming back to this article ... the loss of sales is again due to the corona measures.

The greatest instigator of damage in this country is the government!



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