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Funeral sector Belgium: Fewer people died than last March

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According to the funeral sector in Belgium, fewer people died in March this year than during the flu peak last March.

At the time of this writing, 513 people have died of corona in Belgium. (source)

When you peat every dead person in the news, it seems a lot. The media irresponsibly bombard every citizen with tens or hundreds of deaths every day. But in what proportion you could possibly see that, the media conveniently leaves that in the middle. It is tension and thrill.

But the funeral industry speaks of a “very normal month”.

Fewer people have been buried than during the flu peak last year, said Thomas Heiremans, vice-chairman and spokesperson for Uitvaartunie Vlaanderen, during an interview on Belgian Radio1. (source)

“There is no capacity problem. Last year we had a very big spike in deaths from the flu. There is no peak this year, not even because of the corona virus, although it may still be there. ”

Listen to the whole conversation with Thomas here:


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