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Watch them go

CNN still talks about Donald Trump almost daily. They just can't miss him. But there is not much to tell at the moment.

CNN Boss Jeff Zucker, who is the instigator of the CNN smear against Donald Trump, finds life so meaningless without Trump that he even quits by the end of the year. (source)

Now they are in each other's hair and that is nice to see.

Andrew Cuomo , the man who thought it a good idea to put corona patients (or flu patients) en masse with healthy people in old people's homes and thus caused a lot of deaths, is no longer welcome at CNN. Cuomo is also the man who completely squeezed the New Yorkers with one of the toughest lockdowns on Earth. Then he has a book written about his exploits. The hospitality industry has been wiped out. Taking off face masks is almost a death penalty (except for Cuomo himself). A kind of hugo the young. A Tribunal candidate.

He also loved numbers behind about those nursing homes. They are the traditional thoroughly corrupt politicians of the arrogant kind.

But now Cuomo is not so welcome on CNN anymore. They don't like him at all. Nice TV from hypocritical liberals and the media and a Rob Schmitt who always delivers. An excerpt from Newsmax. (Dutch subtitles):



And Dr. Judy. Everywhere she goes she is banned. She is very concerned about the vaccines. This is one of the videos that cost a lot of people their YouTube channel. She is not allowed to speak this out publicly.



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