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Biggest corona scandal unmasked. Fraud IC beds: Hospitals manipulated occupancy rates

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Major fraud IC beds exposed: German hospitals manipulated occupancy rates

A report from the Federal Court of Auditors (BRH) reveals one of the biggest scandals during the coronaplandemic in Germany.

German hospitals manipulated intensive care occupancy rates so that they would receive financial support from the government. The federal government had reportedly been aware of the fraud for months, but kept it a secret. That reports the German news website Bild. (source) (source)

It's one of the biggest scandals of the Corona crisis: numerous clinics deliberately reported fewer free intensive care beds than they had - to collect money from taxpayers! This is apparent from a report by the Federal Court of Auditors (BRH)

Staged “action photo”. “Situation more critical every day”: Health Minister Jens Spahn (41, CDU) in an intensive care unit in Kiel in August 2020. Source: Bild

Government had been aware of manipulation for months

Worst of all, the federal government had been aware of the manipulation for months. But she said nothing to the civilians.

Merkel knew everything.

 BILD documents how the government spread panic with the collapse of intensive care units to enforce lockdowns.

It became clear that many clinics were reporting inaccurate figures from various sources that the number of available ICU beds is higher and the alarming reports of shortages are HIGHLY exaggerated.

Chancellor Angela Merkel warned in October last year that the health system could reach its limits within weeks. A gross lie.

“The Association of IC Physicians (DIVI) has just pointed to the deteriorating situation”Merkel said.

Barely a week later, Health Minister Jens Spahn also warns that "It's too late when the ICU units are full of corona patients." thus swindler and criminal against humanity Angela Merkel. A fair conclusion.



October 28, 2020:
The federal and state governments are putting the country on lockdown. Completely wrong. It is in any case against all human rights to imprison people, but there was no reason to.

Chancellor and now proven liar Angela Merkel then: The health system could reach its limits within weeks. The Association of Intensive Care Physicians” (DIVI) has just pointed to the deteriorating situation”.

A big lie, it turns out.

6 November:
Minister of Health Jens Spahn (41, CDU) warns in the Bundestag: “If the intensive care units are full of Covid-19 patients, if they are overcrowded, then it is too late.”

The next big lie Jens Spahn presented to the public. And he knew.

19 November:
The new hospital financing law comes into effect. Consequence rule: Money only flows if a maximum of 25% of the intensive care beds are free.

December 3:
BILD reports on scaremongering with a shortage of beds. A suspicion in high-ranking government circles.

“Clinics that have gotten into trouble want to straighten things out with the virus.”

Erwin Rüddel (65, CDU), head of the health committee, warns in BILD that some clinics “wanting to come out of the current situation as pandemic winners”. 

Result: great dissatisfaction at DIVI (Deutschen Interdisziplinären Vereinigung für Intensiv- und Notfallmedizin.)

Empty intensive care beds in the temporary corona treatment center in Berlin in October 2020

The horror warnings continue

December 8:
The government advisers of the National Academy of Sciences “Leopoldina” call for closure of schools and shops and strict contact restrictions.

The hospitals are “already at the limit of what is affordable”.

Again a big lie to the whole country and basically humanity as this is happening worldwide.

January 11, 2021:
The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) contacts the Ministry of Health. The BRH will announce this later.

The RKI suspects “that some hospitals reported fewer intensive care treatment sites than were actually available”.

This is reportedly evidenced by “several phone calls and countless emails. The situation can no longer be accurately estimated, the RKI warns.

Reason: Financial incentives. This is evident from several phone calls and countless emails.

The intensive occupation is “no longer suitable for assessing the situation”.

But it continues the same way!

On the back of the frightened people who think there is a killer virus blowing around and therefore have to endure all the humiliating measures and all the misery this hoax has brought us, the hospitals were all about one thing. MONEY! And we know the other stakeholders. The Pharma industry. The WHO. Big Tech.

We are all cheated.

28th of March:
DIVI chairman Gernot Marx (55) wants a quick lockdown: “We face destruction with our eyesight.”

How much worse do you want it to be? Just keep on lying. It MUST and WILL!

April 16:
Merkel propagates with her “Federal Emergency Brake”
“The doctors in the intensive care unit are sending one call after another for help!”

A drama. A huge cesspool that opens here. And that was about time.

There was nothing to worry about and in previous years, such as 2018, the occupancy rate due to flu pandemics has been higher. Hospitals were well paid by reporting a higher occupancy rate and registering as many covid19 patients as possible. We have also already shown that doctors are eager to write down covid19 as the cause of death.

And furthermore, this crisis has many sides with stakeholders on every side. The biggest lie of all time. So big that people don't dare to see it.




False alarmism continues

April 21:
BILD again reports on critical intensive care physicians. 

“The alarmism of doctors in intensive care is irresponsible”, said Dr. Thomas Voshaar (62, Bethanien Lung Clinic in Moers).

April 24:
The federal lockdown comes into effect! 

A little later, statisticians prove: at the moment the corona wave has long since broken.

June 10th:
NDR/WDR make the audit report public, shortly afterwards BILD does.

Government response to the false warnings 

The Federal Ministry of Health says the RKI had pointed out that "the fears could not be substantiated with data or analysis".

In spite of the concrete information from the letter from the RKI there were no reliable findings showing that the number of reported ICU beds taken was higher than was actually the case.

“And despite the concrete information in the Hamerbrief from the RKI, at no time were there any reliable findings that the information sent to the RKI about the utilization of the intensive care treatment capacities was artificially too high”, according to the BMG (Bundesgesundheitsministeriums).

Nevertheless, the BMG “immediate action taken against the background of the RKI's fears to counter this suspected situation on multiple levels”.

For example, the RKI was asked not to make any further adjustments to the avoided intensive capacities afterwards.

The health ministers were “informed about possible discrepancies in the reports”.

And above all keep denying.

According to information, the Chancellery knows nothing about manipulation of reported intensive care beds. A government spokesman told BILD the chancellery had "no knowledge" of the manipulation of intensive care beds.

That's how the game is played, folks! And you just sit in fear, obey, and be forced to take a vaccine that kills people for nothing. All based on one big lie. A pandemic that never became a pandemic.. You have been watching a real life soap opera of the flu and have never considered how many people and children die from the flu every year.

That's how it is in our neighboring country. That's how it is here in the Netherlands. That's the way it is worldwide.


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