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GameStop and the whining multi-billionaires

How the little man beat the big man

After small investors organized online to squeeze billions of dollars out of Wall Street hedge funds, most of the established losers have spoken out against the investors.

The investors, mainly organized on the online Reddit- forum 'r / wallstreetbets', have massively bought shares from the video game retailer GameStop in the hope that hedge funds, which have apparently borrowed large amounts of the stock, will go 'short'. Forced to buy it back at exorbitant prices in what is called a 'short squeeze'.

Some media outlets, pundits, politicians and funders have denounced the GameStop rush as irresponsible market disruption, arguing that authorities should step in for the sake of the small investors. Yeah, because this was THEIR game.

The hypocrites. But this seems just the beginning. The little man now knows how to play the game. What a crowd cannot achieve.

Should we think about using the power of the masses to figuratively hang all corona criminals?

Listen to this contribution from NewsmaxTV. A different approach from the corrupt mainstream media.


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