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Yawning political divide causes division

When we go back in time, we see a very different society years ago, a society that was close, where people still had faith in politics and where people still counted. We did not have to lock the door and you were welcome with your neighbors and friends, politicians at that time, just like the doctor and agent, were respected and we respected that. Actually, that wasn't even that long ago, but our world is changing at a very rapid pace and, quite frankly, all innovations are not yet improvements.

I still come from that time that the man generally earned a living and that the woman did the household, in those days too, people worked hard, there were abuses just like now, but if I am honest, the sixties and seventies of the last century had more liberties than we have today.
At that time there was still plenty of work and the workload at that time was not nearly as high as it is nowadays, at that time there were no care files or managers who gave direction to the work process, it was the hands and the head who did the job.

If you now come to a supermarket, where for example you buy something for 49 euros and thirty-five cents and you pay with 50 euros, there are still few cashiers who can say by heart that you will get 65 cents back.

I still remember the time when a bank employee from many regular customers erased the bank account number by heart, if you came to withdraw money.
It is of course not my intention to continue to swoon in pure nostalgia, but the fact is that at that time we still knew political parties that stood for something, the left was really left at that time, the name Party of Labor at that time still had real meaning.

Nowadays, when you look at what most political parties really stand for, then we actually see a huge, large-scale sausage, it was unthinkable in the past that the PvdA would co-rule with the VVD in a cabinet, with the last coalition forming Rutte III even attempted to form a coalition with the Green Left.

When we see the policy of Rutte III without the Green Left, we simply see the policy of this left party in this cabinet, while one would have expected something completely different from the two “right-wing” parties, VVD and CDA?
In fact, this is because these parties are only really on the right on paper and, as we know, paper is actually out of date, so we are dealing with pseudo right-wing parties.
They pretend to be right, but they are essentially miles away from right-wing thinking, they have chained themselves to the ideals of the European Union.
Then with this realization it will not surprise you, why on both the left and pseudo right people are so afraid of parties that do not confirm themselves with that EU dream, so parties that still dare to think nationalist both on the left and on the right.

With the advent of the computer, paper would become superfluous, but just the opposite happened, more is being printed now than ever before, we are actually seeing exactly the same with the arrival of the EU, everything would be better, no more poverty or war, but in spite of all propaganda and fake news, we are on a slippery slope.

The EU brought crisis to crisis and I am not the only one who ignores most NPO news and uses my laptop to gather real news, because we are just being held hostage in a monster, where unity will never arise.
The unity sausage that has arisen is no longer concerned with the real problems that the Netherlands is facing, Hans Janmaat was one of the first to notice this in the early XNUMXs, but this one of the first whistleblowers was still silenced at the time and a rather clumsy presentation did not take this very seriously. Then Pim Fortuyn On the scene, many people came to realize that this man was enormously right, so the established order was terrified of him, because what he said and described in books was very recognizable.
Pim Fortuyn


The choice of the VVD party board for Mark Rutte, while the VVD voters had spoken out for Rita Verdonk is another such thing, it is actually incomprehensible that voters have remained so loyal to someone like that, who lied and deceived so much, it is a kind of herd-spirit behavior, whatever you see with lemmings plunging into the abyss en masse.
But it is of course not much better on the left, both PvdA and Groen Links have actually become, just like VVD, CDA and D'66, colorless middle parties, they are no longer at the service of the Dutch citizen, they blindly follow the dictates of Brussels. and try to make us believe that they are still representatives of the people.

The SP is actually caught in the situation that they are Euro critical, but are not in a position to articulate this message clearly, the PVV and SP do not differ that much from each other, if you put the party programs side by side, but in the However, very large differences can be observed in its implementation.

The PVV therefore also has a number of left-wing positions and that is precisely why I voted this party from the beginning and I never made the switch to the FvD, which by the way, like the PVV, is just one of the few good political parties.
Over the years a huge censorship has arisen, we were no longer allowed to name the beast by name, all this is actually due to EU positions, which were literally taken over by the pro EU politicians, the real problems were always swept under the carpet and with especially parties such as the Green Left devised problems, which are actually no problems at all!
Every once in a while I watch Jensen and in one of his last episodes, almost all climate and environmental warnings were listed.

He also rightly stated that none of all those warnings have ever been issued, but these idiotic distractions are sowing two camps and it even seems that this is intentional.

Every effort is made to make us believe that we are heading for an outright disaster, I now admit that we can deal with our environment much better, but unbridled imports of people into our quota may temporarily improve their living situation, but that is clearly at the expense of our living situation.
No problems are solved by this at all, only problems are moved and I have no difficulty in receiving people who have fled from physical preservation, but that is not the case for 70% of all refugees at all , they only come here to get better.
What I am not at all proud of is that for our own population, the food banks have mushroomed in the last twenty years, a country like ours, which used to belong to the richer countries, is slipping. now heading for a third world country.

The knife of division cuts right through friendships and families, the lie still rules with Mark Rutte as the essential personification of it!

Chris Collard.

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